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holiday themed photos

Your baby’s first year will be filled with many milestones and memorable moments. Their first winter holiday (whatever that may be) is a great time to cement new and legacy Christmas traditions, make Hanukkah mementos, or capture baby’s first New Year’s Eve on film.   The best part about starting a holiday tradition with your […]

10 books for new parents

10 Great Books for New Parents “Am I going to be a good parent?” All new parents ask themselves this, and every person will have a different definition of what it means to be a good parent. No matter how you look at it, every child deserves a parent who at least cares enough to […]

sleeping baby

I love my job, and I do everything within my power to capture the magic of pregnancy, babies, and families with each picture I take. The editing process is where I transform your images into beautiful pieces of art for you to hang in your home.    Unforeseen photoshoot circumstances are all part of the […]

dad holding baby

2020 has been a tricky year for many reasons, but the pandemic has made it especially difficult to navigate.    Small businesses like my own have had to overcome some serious obstacles. Not only are we worried about staying afloat during an economic downturn, but we are also genuinely concerned about the safety of our […]

christmas newborn

December might be the end of the year, but there’s something hopeful about the season that makes it seem like a time for new beginnings.  For parents of newborns, the season probably seems even more magical and hopeful (albeit, maybe a little sleepless!) For them, it is a time of new beginnings — first Thanksgiving, […]

Downtown Austin Maternity Photoshoot for the holidays

December is already here — can you believe it?  For many of you mamas out there, that means you are one month closer to meeting your babies. December is the official start of the winter holiday season. Even though it might be cold outside, it’s the perfect time of year to take advantage of cute […]

Mom Tip Monday

Caring for Your Premature Baby While the average pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks, the unpredictable can happen and your baby may come earlier than expected. Premature births occur in about 11 to 13 percent of pregnancies in the United States. A baby is considered premature if she’s born more than three weeks before her estimated […]

newborn baby with a teddy bear

I was so honored when these two decided they wanted me to capture their Cedar Park Newborn Photos. I did a last-minute maternity session for them just a couple of weeks before Baby Aayan made his arrival.  We had the best time exploring the Seaholm and Austin Library areas.  They are super laid back and […]

Maternity pics of a couple at sunset

I’ve known this adorable couple for a few years now.  Jessica’s parents are some great friends of mine and I’ve been capturing photos of their awesome family for a while now. I was thrilled when I learned that Jessica was expecting and so happy for their family.  I know her parents are going to be […]

Mom Tip Monday

Is Attachment Parenting the Right Method For You and Your Baby? There isn’t one correct way to raise a child, and there are plenty of good resources out there to help moms and dads who prefer guidance and strategy to trial and error or just winging it. For some parents, it isn’t as simple as […]