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pregnant couple posing photoshoot

Cedar Park Maternity | Sophia’s Timeless Session

It’s fun to take trendy photos, and it can really push me out of my comfort zone. I recently took photos with a trending maternity photography pose (the illusion of a woman in fabric hanging from the ceiling). The latest fashion trends often inform what’s in my client wardrobe. But there’s really something to be said about  a timeless maternity photo. What do I consider a timeless maternity photo? I consider it to be a photo that doesn’t have any trendy clothing, poses, or camera tricks in it and utilizes classic, simple fashion, backgrounds, and poses. For these types of sessions, you can look back 20 years from now and will won’t know what year it was taken. This Cedar Park maternity session proves that classic doesn’t have to be boring. Take a look at some of the things we did for this lovely couple.

pregnant woman white flowy dress

Sophia’s Cedar Park Maternity Session

Meet Sophia and Austin! This couple came to the Hello Photography studio to celebrate their pregnancy and take these sweet photos. Sophia was glowing while she was in the studio — it was amazing to see her confidence in each pose.

Cedar park maternity photo with a pregnant woman in a tulle dress with an open belly

Sophia and Austin kept the session’s color palette neutral. Her pink ruffle dress, featured below, was the hint of color that broke up the classic black and white. Still, pink, black, and white give off a Coco Chanel vibe that conjures images of old Paris! And that pink dress was so much fun. Sophia’s mom brought the pink ruffled dress and the white dress specially for her photoshoot. The open-belly dress with the feather trim was from my client closet.

Cedar Park Maternity Session featuring pregnant woman in a pink crinkle dress with a ruffle top

Black & White Studio Maternity Photos

Because the couple was looking for a classic maternity photo session, it just wouldn’t have been right to have done color photos only. So, we did several black and white portraits in front of a neutral background. In these photos, I played with lighting to really bring out the textures in the photos.  The fabric texture, contours of the skin, and even the individual strands of hair are brought so much more into focus. I especially love how different a black and white photo makes the pink ruffled dress look. In the color photos, the ridges seem softer — but in the black and white, they are distinct and sharp!

Cedar Park maternity photos with pregnant woman posing in various maternity dresses

As well as texture, a general focus in black and white photos is on shadows and highlights.  As you can see in the photo montage above, taking the color out of the photo in the bottom left photo almost creates a halo of light around Sophie.

We didn’t just play with the theme of black and white when it came to the photo composition. Sophia and Austin also did a few wardrobe changes to change from white clothing to black clothing. I loved the way they matched in these photos. Not only did it give me an opportunity to work magic with studio lighting, but it was just really cute. This couple worked so well together, supporting one another’s decisions. Their go-getting attitudes and on-camera charisma made this timeless maternity session truly special.

Cedar park maternity photos featuring a pregnant woman in a black fitted dress and a man in a black shirt and black pants

But it wasn’t just charisma that made these photos come out well. This final series of images says it all — this couple is deeply committed and happy with one another. It’s amazing to see, and it will help them grow into the wonderful parents I know they will be.



pregnant couple posing photoshoot

A huge thanks to Sophia and Austin for working with me on this stunning session. For more photos like this, check out my other blogs!

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