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Cedar Park Maternity Pics | Taara & Michael

Hello, photography enthusiasts! Today’s Cedar Park maternity pics focus on the beautiful couple, Taara and Michael. This session was a celebration of love, anticipation, and excitement while waiting for their newest member of the family (Baby Tiolu, a separate post!). Now, you can rewind and dive into the enchanting moments that captured the essence of Taara’s pregnancy journey and her beauty throughout.

Solo Cedar Park Maternity Pics

There are a lot of maternity gowns in my closet. Taara modeled quite a few of my favorites!

A series of several color and black and white maternity photos featuring a woman in a floral maternity gown

Taara glows in all the photos in this floral maternity gown, and I love it! In these solo shots, Taara embraced her baby bump with elegance and grace.

a set of eight photos, four in black and white and four in color, featuring a pregnant woman in a red maternity gown

She also got to wear this gorgeous red ruffled maternity gown. This gown is really fun because I think it helps mamas feel and see themselves as super attractive!

an aerial maternity pic of a woman laying on her back with her baby bump exposed

We also had Taara pose for one of my most popular photo shoot poses. For this overhead shot, I have our mamas lay on their backs and I shoot from the balcony of the second floor of my studio.

Photographing Taara and Michael’s Connection

I did a lot to try and capture Taara’s individual journey. That’s really important for those celebrating pregnancy! However, the heart of this maternity session, in my opinion, comes from the photos of Taara and Michael together.

a selection of several photos featuring a pregnant woman in a floral gown and her partner

The chemistry between Taara and Michael was palpable in these photos. It was a testament to the unity and strength that would soon welcome their son, Tiolu, into the picture. Whether sharing sweet glances or cradling Taara’s baby bump together, every frame encapsulated the essence of partnership, commitment, and the shared excitement of becoming parents.

a set of four photos featuring a pregnant woman and her partner

As we navigated through the maternity session, each click of the shutter unveiled a chapter in the couple’s journey. It’s these subtle nuances that make maternity sessions so poignant for me. They freeze a moment in time that is fleeting yet monumental.

A Prelude to Parenthood

In the tapestry of life, maternity sessions are among the threads that weave the prelude to parenthood. Taara and Michael’s session was a  a celebration of love and a visual representation of the profound journey into parenthood.

Maternity photo of a side profiled pregnant woman in a floral maternity gown

As I look back on this breathtaking maternity session, I can’t help but marvel at the beauty. From Taara’s gorgeous choices in gowns, the chemistry between the couple, and the anticipation etched on their faces—all these elements came together to create a visual narrative. I always talk about how great it can be for parents to look back fondly on newborn photos. But I think maternity photos can also be a great way for children to connect with their parents down the line. I hope baby Tiolu someday sees these photos and recognizes how powerful they are!

To Taara and Michael — thank you for allowing me to be a part of this magical chapter. May the echoes of these photographs continue to resonate!  Here’s to the beauty of new beginnings on the path to parenthood.

a photo of a pregnant woman in a floral gown on a dark gray background

Taara’s gorgeous hair and makeup was done by the incredible Sharon Marie Makeup!

Let’s get started on your Cedar Park maternity pics today! Click here to connect.

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