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Special Baby Bump Pics | Natalie & Tim

If you’re in the maternity business, last-minute bookings & cancellations happen. That’s just the nature of pregnancy! Sometimes due dates get moved up, so clients reschedule just in case. Other times, babies come calling without anyone’s warning and mamas miss their date entirely. More often than either of those cases, life just happens and they just need help accommodating those changes. Whatever the occasion, I’m always happy to accommodate (within reason). For this growing family, the reason was extremely unique, and one I was more than happy to make time in my schedule for. Here are some gorgeous baby bump pics from their session.

Color photo montage featuring a woman and man posing for baby bump pic shots.

Natalie & Tim Celebrate Their Pregnancy

Meet Natalie & Tim! Their session was a last-minute booking due to a big life change. Tim is in the military and they let me know he was getting deployed shortly after the date of the session (only a few days later!) He would miss the birth of their baby, but the couple didn’t let that get them down. They were so excited, and I was happy to help them celebrate this pregnancy.

Photo montage of a pregnant woman wearing a ruffled blue maternity gown and floral headdress.

Tim & Natalie are from Killeen, where I actually get a lot of my clients. I say I’m an Austin maternity photographer. But in reality, I serve the whole Austin area and am very happy to do so! I also get a lot of last-minute bookings, which is why helping Tim & Natalie set up their maternity photoshoot wasn’t an issue. It was an honor to allow them to celebrate the birth of their child despite the big challenge they have ahead of them.

Dramatic baby bump pic silhouette on a white background featuring a woman in shadow wearing a black maternity gown. She is facing toward the right of the picture and the train of her gown is blowing behind her.

However, last-minute outdoor sessions can be a bit of an issue to get set up because of weather & lighting. Studio sessions, like Natalie and Tim’s, are great because we don’t have to plan around the sun. I can schedule maternity sessions at any time during day because I use artificial lighting.

Taking Dramatic Baby Bump Pics

Artificial lighting is actually one of the best ways to capture dramatically lit photos, like the one above. It’s really hard to achieve that with outdoor maternity photos because there are so many elements you can’t control. I love how dramatic the silhouette of Natalie above looks! It’s a lot of fun to be able to backlight clients. It emphasizes their baby bump, and it really just looks stunning. But there’s a lot to be said about color maternity photos, too.

Pic 3: A dramatic color baby bump photo of a pregnant woman in a black maternity gown in front of a plain gray background.

Natalie also wow-ed the crowd with her full-color photos. She brought elegance and glamor to all of her solo shots (including this one where Tim helped by throwing the train). But one of my favorite things about this session was how Natalie’s personality changed so dramatically when Tim was in the photos. It’s so clear that they have a strong love. That’s shown through the smiles and tender ways they pose together. Hearing their story about the struggle of balancing military duty with work life touched my heart. I can’t imagine how hard it will be for them to be apart for this milestone in their family life.

But I know after spending some time in the studio with them that they have the love it takes to adapt to changes, even when they’re hundreds of miles away from one another.

A color maternity photo featuring a pregnant woman and her partner facing each other and kissing. Photo is taken in front of a plain gray background.

Thanks to Natalie and Tim for sharing their story & time with us (and thank you, Tim, for your service).

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