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Hello! Welcome To The Blog

Jen Rizy shares her personal insights on parenting and professional family photography through the Hello Photography blog. 

As both a mother and a photographer, Jen is interested in how her career as a professional photographer and her role as a mom intersect, and is passionate about sharing what she’s learned from both of those roles. Based in Cedar Park, just outside of Austin, Texas, Hello Photography focuses on maternity, newborn, and family photography.

Keep an eye out each week for the latest in tips for moms, maternity photography, and more.

baby in the froggy pose on purple fabric

Sweet, sweet Ryleigh. Newborn studio photography is always so fun, but it comes with its surprises. Ryleigh’s newborn session was living proof of this. She was sleepy and smiley throughout the session, making for gorgeous shots, like the one below. But Ryleigh also had a not-so-pleasant surprise in store for us, which just highlighted why […]

maternity photo of mom and dad at the park

Maternity photos are a whole wonderful experience. They were one of the primary motivators behind my decision to work as a professional photographer, and I love when I can make the experience about more than just the photos themselves. For these Cedar Park maternity photos, I was pleased to help Lauren and Dalton enjoy the […]

a pregnant woman wearing a pink tulle dress in the park

Moms-to-be have a lot on their plates. As someone who’s been there before: It sounds exhausting, but really, it’s an amazing time — and pregnant mamas should enjoy every minute of it. That’s why planning your maternity pictures early will help with your busy schedule and give you something to look forward to. Revel in […]

newborn baby sleeping in a white wooden heart bowl

School photos are kicking into full gear as the summer winds down and the Austin area starts the back-to-school bustle. Austin baby photography, however, happens year-round in my Cedar Park photography studio. Baby Evelyn’s session was last minute, and despite my week being full of back-to-school photos, I was able to squeeze her session in. […]

sleeping baby holding a tiny bear

Being an Austin-area newborn photographer means that I’ve seen a lot of unique Austin newborn photography (after all, our slogan is “keep Austin weird”). Sometimes, parents want to include an out-of-the-ordinary prop in their photoshoot, while others want to keep it simple. It’s ultimately up to the parents. In the case of newborn sessions, the […]

rainy maternity photos at an austin creek with a black flowy dress

Rain and expensive technology don’t always work together. Luckily for this soon-to-be mama, my camera was up to the task. This Austin maternity session at Bull Creek District Park went off without a hitch despite the light rain. In some shots, it even enhanced the picture. The rain came at the end of the session, […]

Baby bump at sunset

Like many maternity photographers, I enjoy looking back at my former maternity sessions. I am proud of all of them, and I also like to see how my style has changed over time. These Brushy Creek Maternity Photos are a sweet reminder of how timeless outdoor maternity photos can be. As with all art, styles […]

pregnant woman in a blue dress

I’m of the firm belief that all maternity photos are unique, whether they’re for the first or tenth baby. They each mark a special time in family history. Every pregnancy will feel different, look different, and be memorable for different reasons. Even more importantly? Moms deserve maternity photoshoots! It gives them time to focus on themselves […]

Family of four in front of a turquoise door

Child portraits, including school pictures, are a hot topic. Some parents love them, plastering their walls with their kids at all stages of their growth. Others stick to the basics: school photos and a few photo albums filled with holiday memories, birthdays, and vacations.  Most of the time, families who stick to the basics don’t […]

older brothers kissing newborn baby brother on the head

Sweet baby Beau! What a beautiful session this was. Not only did I get some gorgeous shots in of this little guy, but I also got some photos of his older brothers! Austin child photography doesn’t always include newborns, but I think it’s really important to get siblings into pictures together. It helps capture treasured […]