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I’m proud of the work I do as a mother, photographer, and woman. Here are some past sessions that provide a look into my work and the lives of Austin moms & babies.

sleeping baby laying on his back on a gray blanket wearing gray knit overalls

I love a laid-back session. While most Austin newborns are pretty laid back, Silas and his family added in the serenity that is sometimes hard to capture on film. Silas’ newborn session was an all-inclusive family session; this wasn’t the first time I had worked with the family. Mom Madison did both studio maternity and […]

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Austin Newborns | Baby Photography in Austin, Texas


Sleeping baby on her belly laying on a purple blanket wrapped in a purple knit fabric and wearing a purple headband.

Winter is here, and for new parents, there’s nothing like a snuggly baby in your arms to warm you & your heart. As far as newborn photography essentials, baby Aria had it all! She was not only super sleepy the whole time, which helped me with posing during her newborn session, but she was also […]

Newborn Photography Essentials | Austin Newborn Photographer


baby laying in a bowl at the end of a rainbow made of buttons

If you follow my blog, you know that I love Rainbow babies. All newborns are delightful to be around, but as the mom of a rainbow baby myself, rainbow babies have a special place in my heart. This time, I got to photograph baby Lizzie. If you remember a few newborn sessions, Lizzie’s older sister […]

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Rainbow Babies | Baby Lizzie


Baby wearing green knit romper sleeping on her back laying on green floral pillow with green floral bow on her head

As an Austin photographer, I’ve noticed that all families are different regarding their newborn photo requests! It’s one of my great joys. I love being able to showcase family personality during their sessions. I’ve worked with Austin photography families who want a lot of glitz and glamor during their baby’s photoshoot. There are also the […]

Austin Photography | Baby Carina


baby sleeping in a green dinosaur costume

Halloween is almost here! You’re probably excited about the upcoming fall and winter holidays if you’ve just been blessed with a newborn. Dressing up in costumes and matching outfits for Halloween can be a fun way to connect with your baby and help you settle into a new norm. It’s totally fine to dress your […]

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Newborn Halloween Photos: Tips & Tricks

Newborns, Photography Tips for Moms

baby sleeping in a brown heart bowl surrounded by greenery

Rainbow baby photography is one of my favorite photography types to do. I love being able to capture the joy of childbirth after a pregnancy loss. Baby Shine’s session was especially exciting for me because just a few weeks earlier, I got to do a photo session with his mom + dad, Shanice + Shamir. […]

Rainbow Baby Photography | Baby Shine!


pregnant woman black dress with leg slit

It’s that time of year again — Fall! Coming from Connecticut, Texas autumns are a lot different from the big color shows of the Northeast. But there’s really something to be said about the end of the year down here. Flowers start coming out again after their battle with the summer heat and the sun, […]

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Pregnancy Photoshoot | Yartiza’s Outdoor + Studio Photos


pregnant woman purple mermaid dress tulle

Many of my clients are super adventurous and opt for an outdoor maternity photoshoot. I get that– I also love the outdoors. However, as someone who enjoys being outside, I also cannot understate how much I really enjoy my Austin studio maternity photography sessions. Whereas outdoor maternity photos are rustic and wholesome, there’s something very […]

Austin Studio Maternity Photography | Tripti


pregnant woman blue dress husband toddler white button down shirts

Maternity photoshoots done in the studio vs. done outside all have different perks. I can’t say there’s one I like over the other when it comes to these two settings. The result was stunning when I got the chance to do both during Angela’s photoshoot. Angela and her little family lit up the room (and […]

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Maternity Photoshoots | Angela’s Studio + Outdoor Photos


sleeping baby girl green knit romper green backdrop floral pillow

The first few months of pregnancy go by fast! It’s an exciting couple of months marked by milestones like your first prenatal visit, telling people the good news, feeling the baby move, and (maybe less excitingly) morning sickness. One of the other things to get excited about? Finding a newborn photographer! It might be that […]

Best Newborn Photographer? Here’s How To Pick Yours.

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