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Hello! Welcome To The Blog

Jen Rizy shares her personal insights on parenting and professional family photography through the Hello Photography blog. 

As both a mother and a photographer, Jen is interested in how her career as a professional photographer and her role as a mom intersect, and is passionate about sharing what she’s learned from both of those roles. Based in Cedar Park, just outside of Austin, Texas, Hello Photography focuses on maternity, newborn, and family photography.

Keep an eye out each week for the latest in tips for moms, maternity photography, and more.

black and white maternity photo with a black dress.

Buying a maternity dress for a photo shoot is just one added expense most clients don’t need. From a photographer’s standpoint, planning a maternity session can be stressful enough for a pregnant person. You have to get the timing just right, handle the weather, handle the location, and work around everyone’s schedule — all while […]

newborn in pink fabrics posed in a gold bowl

You all might remember Karly from a few weeks ago. She ran into some trouble with other Austin maternity photographers and came to me after her other booked session fell through. I was more than happy to help her, especially since she let me try out a few maternity photo techniques I had yet to […]

Maternity photo in flying rainbow dress.

Most parents are thrilled when they get the news that they will have a baby, but many parents wait to tell others about their good news for fear of the worst.  80% of miscarriages happen during the first trimester of pregnancy, and the average risk of pregnancy loss is between 10-15%. Many mothers fear trying […]

nude maternity photo

Maternity photographers constantly try out new techniques to get picture-perfect photos for their clients. It’s hard to find maternity photo clients who want to try new techniques, and who can blame them? They’re investing money in a piece of art that will showcase their entire pregnancy; they want proof that their shots will turn out […]

newborn baby wrapped in pink textures

As someone who does a lot of maternity photography and baby photography, I continually evaluate and reevaluate the best way to store photos. Why? Because the way humans take photos is constantly evolving, therefore, photo storage options must also always evolve…    …and because maternity photos and baby photos are moments that deserve to be […]

happy baby laying on his back

Mini milestone baby photos are a quick, thirty minute photoshoot of your older baby and are perfect for moms that want to capture the simplicity of their baby at different stages during their first year.  Babies make the cutest expressions as they grow and learn.  These document those classic and amazing faces that your baby […]

african american pregnant woman wearing a teal dress that is flying through the air behind her

As a maternity photographer, I typically like to wait until week 32 of pregnancy to take pictures of mom’s belly during a maternity photography session. I find that 32+-week pregnant bellies are rounder, the couple is fully ready to share their news with the world, and the circumstances work out just right to produce the […]

Mother and Daughter Photo by Hello Photography

Maternity photography isn’t just for first-time mothers. Anyone who has been pregnant more than once will tell you that each pregnancy is different and has special elements distinct from any other pregnancy.    Professional photographers love to translate each pregnancy into a lasting moment — and for us, we never stop seeing endless, incomparable ideas […]

Smiling happy baby in a bowl

Are you ready for some photos that will make your heart feel like it’s singing out loud? If you answered yes, then you’ve come to the right place! Baby Ethan is now 7 months old and sitting up like a champ! He’s smiling, and drooling, and super interested in his hands.  He clearly loves his […]

New mom holding her baby boy.

As you approach week 40 of your pregnancy, you’re likely getting excited, nervous, and anxious about what lies ahead. Ask most mothers, and you’ll hear that with enough prepping, the first few weeks of life at home with your infant will be more comfortable, albeit not without challenges.   Here are a few things you, […]