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Many of the expectant mothers I work with worry about the maternity clothes they will wear to their pregnancy photoshoot. 

I encourage my clients to wear whatever would make them feel the most beautiful during their session. However, if formal maternity clothes are the aesthetic they choose, they don’t even need to go shopping prior to the photoshoot.

I stock a wardrobe at my studio with maternity dresses and accessories of all styles that typically fit up to a size 16 pregnancy, with a few plus-size maternity gown options. Cleaned, sanitized, and stored in a way that upholds their elegance, each client may choose two different maternity dresses for their photoshoot.

Start your window shopping below to inspire your upcoming maternity photos. Mention the style numbers in your inquiry or reservation email to reserve those dresses for your photoshoot.

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Lace Dresses

Open Belly Dresses

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Full Dresses

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Cut: Long-Sleeve, V-Neck
Material: Cotton or Velvet
Available Colors: White Cotton, Black Cotton , Rasberry Cotton, Red Velvet, Blue Steel Velvet (not pictured)

STYLE #1: Classic Maternity Dress

Full dresses

Cut: Cap Sleeve, Sweetheart neckline
Material: Velvet 
Available Colors: Green
Notes: This dress also has optional pull-on sleeves

STYLE #2: Green Velvet Formal Maternity Gown

Full dresses

Cut:Cap Sleeve, Sweetheart Neck, Mermaid Style, Fitted and Stretchy
Available Colors: Red or Navy Blue
Notes: This maternity gown has a sheer bottom dress panel, giving it an extra-ethereal look.

STYLE #3: Fitted Mermaid Maternity Gown

Full dresses

Cut:Cap Sleeve, Sweetheart Neck, Mermaid Style, Fitted, Convertible, Mermaid
Available Colors: Purple or Light Green
Notes: This dress can be worn as a mermaid fit or a looser, more comfortable fit.

STYLE #4: Mermaid Convertible Maternity Gown

Full dresses

Cut:Mermaid fit, long bell sleeves
Material: Cotton

STYLE #5: Green Mermaid Maternity Dress

Full dresses

Cut: Long-sleeve with built-in sheer train
Material: Cotton
Notes: This dress option fits pre-pregnancy sizes 16-22

STYLE #6: Blue Plus-Size Maternity Gown with Train

Full dresses

Cut: Frilled-sleeve, Mermaid Fit
Material: Cotton

STYLE #7: Frilled-Sleeve Red Maternity Gown

Full dresses

Cut: Bandeau, Sweetheart Neck, Long, Fitted
Material: Cotton

STYLE #8: Navy Bandeau Maternity Gown

Full dresses

Cut: Halter, Unfitted

STYLE #9: Tie-Back White Maternity Dress

Full dresses

Cut: Convertible
Material: Cotton
Notes: This versatile maternity dress can be worn off the shoulder, over the shoulder, under the arms like a bandeau, or over one shoulder and under the other arm. Available in colors white, salmon, or green. 

STYLE #10: Ruffle-Neckline Maternity Dresses

Full dresses

Cut: Long-Sleeved, fitted
Material: Lace
Colors: Purple or Lilac

STYLE #11: Lined Purple Lace Maternity Dress

lace maternity dresses

My Studio has a variety of lace maternity gowns with both lining and no lining.  These may be used for formal maternity shots, tasteful semi-nude maternity photos, and much more.

Cut: Unfitted, Lined, Off-The-Shoulder
Material: Lace

STYLE #12: Lined White Maternity Dress

lace maternity dresses

Cut: Unlined, Long-Sleeves, Open-Belly
Material: Lace

STYLE #13: Unlined Black Lace Maternity Dress

lace maternity dresses

Cut: Unfitted, Unlined
Material: Lace

STYLE #14: UnLined Lace White Maternity Dress

lace maternity dresses

Cut: Long toss train, sweetheart neck, sheer bottom
Colors: Black, Teal, Purple

STYLE #15: Long Toss Train Open-Belly Maternity Gown

Open-belly options are a great way to add flying effects to maternity portraits. The trains and light, sheer material can also create different shapes -- like butterfly wings, hearts, and more. Their versatility also makes them perfect for studio or outdoor sessions.

open belly dresses

Cut: Round Neckline, Long Sleeves, Sheer Bottom, Semi-Long Train

STYLE #16: Royal Blue Open-Belly Maternity Gown

open belly dresses

Cut: Bandeau, Sheer-Bottom
Notes: This one is great for both studio and outdoor maternity shoots.

STYLE #17: Bandeau-Style White Maternity Dress

open belly dresses

Cut: fluffy, textured tulle with off the shoulder sleeves and an open belly.  Corset back and can fit multiple sizes
Color: Dusty Rose

STYLE #18: Fluffy Tulle Open Belly Dress-For STUDIO SESSIONS ONLY

open belly dresses

This skirt accessory can be worn over any dress and used to make portrait effects, like train wings, hearts, and other long train photo effects. 
Colors: Pastel Rainbow or Jewel Tone Rainbow

Rainbow Maternity Skirt:

Accessories & effects

Gold leaf is added over bare skin in any maternity photo. 

The Gold Glitter Effect:

Accessories & effects

Jen also offers the option of tasteful nude photo shoots or milk bath sessions aimed at highlighting the gorgeous natural curves and changes of the pregnant body. If maternity gowns aren’t appealing, this could be a good photo shoot option for you.

Nude Maternity Photo Options:

Accessories & effects

Looking for a place to book your Austin maternity session or studio newborn package? Hello Photography can help you with that!

Located in Cedar Park, Texas, my maternity studio services clients from all over, including Austin, Westlake, Lakeway, Lago Vista, Spanish Oaks, Bee Caves, Leander, Georgetown, Round Rock, and Crystal Falls.  

Have persisting questions about rates, dates, or details? I’m here to help! Leave me a detailed message below mentioning what you need from me and I’ll circle back within 24 business hours.

Let’s work together to make you and your little one shine!


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