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Newborn Photoshoot Safety | Photographing Babies & Dogs

I’m back again: this time, to chat about Rheya and her four-legged friend,¬† Fry (like French Fry)! At 23 days old, little Rheya’s charm knows no bounds, and it’s clear from these photos that her furry friend Fry is smitten with her. As well as getting to know these two cuties, we’ll also take a look at something I take very seriously: newborn photoshoot safety. Specifically, we’ll explore the art of safely photographing newborns and dogs together, while sharing the magical moments we captured during this heartwarming session.

A newborn photoshoot featuring an older newborn wrapped in green in a prop bed. A small, tan dog is next to her.

Baby Rheya & Her Pal Fry

Rheya, at 23 days old, is a sight to behold. Her tiny fingers, button nose, and those cheeks! She was just too cute. You may also notice that Miss Rheya is a little older than I normally photograph. While the prime time for newborn photography is within the first two weeks, Rheya was super fun to work with. She was so sleepy and precious.

Now, let’s talk about Fry, the other subject of the session. A well-behaved and food-motivated companion, Fry is the perfect example of how dogs can be integrated safely into newborn photography sessions. His gentle and obedient nature allowed us to create some remarkable moments of love and connection between him and Rheya. He was so cute and so attentive to his new family member!

Photographing Newborns with Dogs: Newborn Photoshoot Safety

When it comes to photographing newborns and dogs together, safety is the utmost priority. I only recommend  sessions with dogs that are well-behaved, non-aggressive, and comfortable around babies. Here are some essential steps we take to ensure a safe and successful photoshoot:

1. Bring Lots of Treats: Fry’s food-motivated nature made this session a breeze. We brought an array of tasty treats to reward him for his good behavior, and it helped maintain his focus and cooperation throughout the shoot.

2. A Good, Long Walk: Before the session, we encouraged Fry’s owners to take him for a long walk. A tired dog is a happy and well-behaved dog, and it helps keep their energy levels in check during the photoshoot.

3. Constant Supervision: During the session, Rheya was always within arm’s reach of her parents. Her safety was our top priority, and we ensured that a responsible adult was close by at all times.

The Magic of Composites & Planning

While Fry was an absolute star during the session, not all dogs are equally calm or cooperative in a photography setting. In such cases, we employ the technique of composites. This involves taking separate shots of the baby and the dog, and then skillfully merging a variety of shots together during the post-processing phase. This way, we can create heartwarming images while ensuring the safety and comfort of the baby and the dog.

But the success of this photoshoot wasn’t just due to composite work! We really did a lot of planning to ensure this session would go well. And, always, the focus came back to little Rheya.

After all, this was her newborn session! We made sure to include lots of traditional baby girl clothing and colors, but we also used some non-traditional colors.

I particularly love how the greens turned out!

Newborn Photoshoot Safety: Final Thoughts

The session with Rheya and Fry was a testament to how special a connection between our fur babies and our babies can be, and I feel privileged to have been a part of this connection. It’s a reminder that love and connection can be found in the most unexpected places, and that’s what makes our job as photographers so incredibly fulfilling. It also goes to show that you can practice newborn photoshoot safety with dogs and newborns on the same set!

If you’re considering a newborn photoshoot with your baby and your furry friend, don’t hesitate to reach out to an experienced photographer who understands the nuances of working with both, like me! Let’s work together.



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