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Texas Wildflower Maternity | Vineela

Texas wildflowers! There are truly nothing like them. The combination of Indian Blankets, Phlox, Coneflowers, Daisies, Bluebells and — if you’re lucky — those famous Texas Bluebonnets is the perfect recipe for an absolutely magical maternity photo session. While the Northeast certainly takes the cake for the most colorful autumns, springtime Texas is the place to come to see wildflowers bloom out of seemingly nothing and transform the landscape. This  mama took one look at the wildflowers during her appointment and decided she couldn’t pass the opportunity to pose in them, even though she originally wanted a studio session. Check out this Texas wildflower maternity session for the best of what the Austin area springtime has to offer.

A color Texas wildflower maternity photo featuring a woman in a blue and pink floral dress and pink sneakers standing in a walkway surrounded by wildflowers.

Vineela, The Wildflower Queen

Meet Vineela and her partner, Mahi. These two were so much fun to work with.

A series of three Texas wildflower maternity photos featuring a pregnant woman in a white dress and a floral headdress standing in front of the sunset in a field of wildflowers.

They really took their session posing and modeling assignments seriously, which always makes a huge difference in how photos turn out. It was pretty hot that day, too! Despite this, Vineela and Mahi made the most of what nature had to offer. Vineela even came matching the scenery, with this beautiful blue and pink floral maternity gown. She really wanted to make the train of the dress fly, so we did just that. This dress complimented the colors of the flowers and really stood out against the deep green of the surrounding area.

Texas wildflower maternity photo montage featuring a woman in a floral dress standing in a field surrounded by flowers and trees.

We did this session at Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge in Marble Falls, Texas. This quiet NWR is about a half hour drive from my photography studio (about 45 minutes from downtown Austin), and is one of my favorite places to take photos. The wildflowers are stunning, it’s relatively accessible regardless of your physical ability during your pregnancy, and there are no dogs allowed because it is a wildlife refuge. It makes an excellent spot to connect with nature in your maternity photos.

A series of three Texas wildflower maternity photos. Clockwise from top left: A man holds a pregnant woman from behind in a field of wildflowers. A woman in a white dress leans into a man in a dark shirt, both are standing in a field of wildflowers. A man and a woman stand next to one another and hold hands in a way that frames the woman's pregnant belly.

Black and White Texas Wildflower Maternity Photos

Not all the maternity photos I took during Vineela’s session were in full color. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why would I take black and white photos if we went out specifically to take photos in the colorful wildflowers? I would say trust me, but you can let the photos do the talking.

Two black and white maternity photos. The top photo features a pregnant woman posing her baby bump in a floral gown. The bottom photo shows a man in a black shirt and a woman in a white gown posing together.

A  black and white maternity photo really brings out completely different elements than their full color counterparts. As you can see in the first photo in the group above, the black and white version of Vineela’s photo highlights the lighting behind her. In the photo below, it brings out the texture of the wildflowers, the patterns on their clothing, and their beautiful faces. I especially love how vibrant Vineela’s smile is in the photos below.

A series of three black and white Texas wildflower maternity photos. Clockwise from top left: a man stands beside a woman in a field of wildflowers and they both touch her baby bump. A man holds a pregnant woman in a white dress from behind and they stare into one another's eyes. A man and woman stand together -- the man is facing away from the camera and the woman faces the camera, smiling, with her head on his shoulder.

But, of course, the color photos were a lot of fun, too, and I think the brought out Vineela’s personality really well. She was all smiles, and she and Mahi together brought a lot of love to their photos.

I think that these photos will be a reminder of how fun it can be to take a chance. If Vineela and Mahi had not seen the wildflowers and had chosen a studio maternity session instead, their photos would have come out a lot different. Metaphorically, having a baby is a lot like this happy surprise — you don’t know what it will be like until it happens, so just enjoy the ride life takes you on. It could lead you to wildflowers.

Two full-color Texas wildflower maternity photos: The top photo features a woman in a floral headdress and a white dress standing in a field of purple wildflowers. The bottom photo features a man in a black shirt facing a pregnant woman in a white dress who are both standing in a field of wildlflowers.

Thank you so much to Vineela and Mahi for trusting Hello Photography with their maternity session. Click here to set your nature photos up today!

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