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The first few months of pregnancy go by fast! It’s an exciting couple of months marked by milestones like your first prenatal visit, telling people the good news, feeling the baby move, and (maybe less excitingly) morning sickness. One of the other things to get excited about? Finding a newborn photographer! It might be that […]

Best Newborn Photographer? Here’s How To Pick Yours.

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Winter outdoor pregnancy photos are so fun to take. You get sparkling cityscapes with lit trees and festive shop windows in early winter. In later winter, you get frost-covered branches and crisp, clear skies. Texas has the luxury of staying relatively temperate during the winter. However, if the Snowpocalypse of 2021 taught us anything, it’s […]

Outdoor Pregnancy Photos: How To Keep Warm During Winter

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Are you in the new moms’ crowd? It can be a lot to handle, whether it’s your first or fifth time having a newborn! Babies mean a switch-up from the norm: the days of catching up on sleep, taking a week’s vacation, binge-watching your favorite tv show without interruptions, and deep cleaning the house are […]

New Moms | Simple Self-Care Tips

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sleeping baby boy on a cream colored blanket

Many of the Austin parents I work with admit to getting stuck regarding date night ideas. Date nights can come few and far between with a newborn. But they don’t have to! I’m convinced that the reason dates can be so hard with a baby is that it’s hard to think outside of the box.  […]

Austin Parents | Date Ideas For Couples With Newborns

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sleeping baby girl wearing a lace romper sleeping in a flower bowl
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Babies delight and surprise us every day. If they didn’t, newborn photography wouldn’t be a thing, and I would be out of a job.  Here are five of the most delightfully weird and wonderful facts I know about babies. Newborns Get Acne. Newborn Photography Can Help.  When you look at newborn photos, you don’t usually […]

Newborn Photography | 5 Interesting Facts About Newborns

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black and white intimate maternity photo

As you approach week 40 of your pregnancy, you’re likely getting excited, nervous, and anxious about what lies ahead. You’ve already had your maternity photos done, your baby shower is in the books, and now all you have to do is wait. Ask most mothers, and you’ll hear that with enough prepping, the first few […]

Pre-Labor Prepping | Hello Photography

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The first year or two after your baby starts to walk can be an exciting (but stressful) time. As both a mom and a photographer, I know that your toddler can be your most demanding critic when it comes to your cooking, daily routines, and practically anything they can form their sweet little opinions about. […]

Mom Tips | How To Introduce Chores To Kids

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newborn baby wrapped in pink textures

As someone who does a lot of maternity photography and baby photography, I continually evaluate and reevaluate the best way to store photos. Why? Because the way humans take photos is constantly evolving, therefore, photo storage options must also always evolve…    …and because maternity photos and baby photos are moments that deserve to be […]

Backing Up Baby Photos: The Best Way To Store Photos

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New mom holding her baby boy.
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As you approach week 40 of your pregnancy, you’re likely getting excited, nervous, and anxious about what lies ahead. Ask most mothers, and you’ll hear that with enough prepping, the first few weeks of life at home with your infant will be more comfortable, albeit not without challenges.   Here are a few things you, […]

Preparing For Baby | Mom Tip Monday

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Cold and flu season might look a little different this year, but the prevalence of masks doesn’t mean that your child will avoid catching a cold altogether. Prepping your home for the inevitable stuffy nose, cough, and fever isn’t as challenging as it sounds, and it can make a massive difference when it comes to […]

Preparing for Child Sick Days | Hello Photography Austin

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