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Baby Photography: Olivia Only!

Hello, baby photography enthusiasts! Today, I am overjoyed to share the enchanting tale of Olivia, a 12-day-old newborn who graced my studio with her adorable presence. In this exclusive baby-only newborn photography session, we delve into a world of dreams, springtime, bunnies, and we even took a metaphorical trip to Washington State University! (Go Cougs!)

A photo of a newborn lying on her stomach on a green background, She is wearing a green headband with fake poppies.

Year of the Rabbit: Greens & Bunny Themes

Meet Olivia. Gosh, I just cannot get over this cutie! Although it was wonderful to work with her parents and learn all about them and Olivia, this was a baby-only session.

A close-up of a newborn baby girl on a small, white pillow and wrapped in a white blanket

We had several different themes to work with during this session. The first and most obvious being that Olivia and her parents share a unique connection —they were all born in the year of the rabbit on the Chinese calendar. The Rabbit is a Chinese Zodiac. Rabbits (in the context of a Chinese horoscope) tend to be cool, calm, collected and retrospective. This familial tie became the guiding theme for the session! We used bunnies throughout, both big and small.

A set of three photos of a newborn on a prop bed, swaddled in a green blanket clutching a little stuffed bunny.

Also important is the color green, which is a lucky color. Each prop was carefully chosen specifically based on the family and the ties that bind them. It will be interesting to see if as she goes up Olivia encompasses any of the typical characteristics of a Rabbit zodiac!

Two images of a newborn baby wrapped in a green blanket and propped in a green bowl. In the second image, a stuffed bunny rabbit looks on from the side.

Baby Photography: One Small Step For Babykind!

Followers of my blog know I love my moon prop bed. So, another favorite part (for me) of this photoshoot was completing the photo of Olivia, nestled on my popular moon bed prop– the star of her own cosmic journey! With stars twinkling above, clouds swirling behind, and the illusion of water beneath, it was as if she was sailing away to dreamland.

Baby only photography featuring a newborn girl on a natural cloth moon prop set on a scene of stars, clouds, and water.

Creating a composite photo is a delicate dance of blending different elements seamlessly after taking the photo. The goal is to create something that engages with the viewer!

Cougs Always Find Their Way Home

Dad, a proud alumni of Washington State University, brought his alma mater’s spirit into the session. If there’s one thing to be said about Wazzu, it’s that there’s really no such thing as a former “Coug”. Members of the family become Cougs by proxy and for a lifetime. So, we made sure to capture Olivia alongside the bear in his WSU shirt.

A newborn swaddled in a crimson cloth on a crimson background tucked in next to a teddy bear wearing a Washington State University tee shirt with the Coug logo on the front.

I have met a few folks with ties to Washington State University. I was surprised Olivia snuggled up to a teddy bear and not a stuffed representation of Butch T. Coug! (WSU’s mascot)

Baby Photography: Olivia In Review!

As the lens captured Olivia’s delicate features, it wasn’t just about the props or the setups—it was about encapsulating the essence of this little one born in the year of the rabbit. Each photograph, whether against the dreamy moon bed backdrop, surrounded by bunny-themed props, or proudly sporting the WSU colors, spoke volumes about Olivia’s personality and the love enveloping her.

A set of four photos featuring a newborn on a teal green background.

The joy of witnessing a newborn’s first days is unparalleled, and Olivia’s session was no exception. From the celestial dreamscape to the bunny wonderland and the spontaneous WSU pride, I hope these photographs will remind Olivia’s parents of when she was little.

Here’s to Olivia, her loving family, and the magic of photography. It’s a delight be able to to freeze these precious moments in time!

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