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Newborn Photographers | Baby Graison

One of the things that bring me– and newborn photographers like me– endless joy is getting to photograph the babies of former maternity clients. Baby Graison is no different! Graison is the son of Tiffany and Roddrick, who I photographed and wrote about a few weeks ago. I loved working with his parents, who were easygoing about Tiffany’s maternity session as well as the theme for his newborn photos. I also loved having a little free rein over this photoshoot, and I’m thrilled with how everything turned out. Luckily, Tiffany and Roddrick were also pleased!

A Little Bit About Little Graison

Where to even start with Mr. Graison? Like many former maternity photoshoot clients, Graison was born shortly after Tiffany’s maternity photoshoot. And will you look at this little cutie?

Although I mentioned before that this newborn session didn’t have a super set-in-stone theme, I put a little burnt orange in a few of his photos. Because, as the son of a former University of Texas football standout, why wouldn’t you want to follow in the footsteps of dad? There’s no pressure on Graison to become the next big UT football star (at least¬† not yet), but I’m sure Roddrick would be happy if he did!

Tiffany and Roddrick opted for a baby-only session for their little one, but they were integral to the success of this photo shoot! Without their hands-on care for this little one, he may not have been as quiet and easygoing. Graison slept like a champ through most of the photo session, which made for some extra-dreamy, extra-snuggly little photos. I used many knits, and sheepskin throws to amplify the “awww” factor in these photos.

The knit and natural fabrics also helped with the composition of Graison’s black and white photos. I was excited about the fall colors we incorporated in his color photos, but the textures in these black and white newborn photos really stood out. They also amplified his gorgeous black hair and gave him an angelic glow. Taking photos on neutral backgrounds, like the two above, provides the viewer with many different elements they may not always focus on in full-color newborn photos, like the lines in the draped fabric or Graison’s super adorable little arm rolls!

Newborn Photographers’ Dream Photo Session!

This Austin photoshoot was a dream for me. Graison was an easy newborn to work with, making an already beautiful session much better. He was a champ about staying snuggly and sleepy while I posed him, and his face made some of the sweetest expressions almost effortlessly.

But all the sleepy sessions aside, one of my favorite parts of Graison’s session was when he was wide awake!

Graison graced us all with bright, wide eyes for a few photos, donning his dapper personalized newborn cap. He was pretty content in his swaddle, but where he perked up was in the photos with the tiny prop bear. Parents tend to go wild for the mini bear, but Graison was clearly a fan. Hopefully, there will be many more smiles from Graison in the future!

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