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Austin Newborn | Baby Alora

Alora, the lovely lavender baby! Miss Alora’s purple-themed Austin newborn session was one for the books. Not only did she take some super cute photos, but she also got to sit with the whole family. I love incorporating older siblings into the mix; this big sister was just as adorable as her little sister. But we all know who the show star is during newborn photos, so please give a round of applause to Baby Alora!

Austin Newborn & Family Photography

When it comes right down to it, newborn photography is a sort of family photography. Newborn photographers sometimes only capture one family member during newborn photoshoots — but that doesn’t mean everyone else isn’t important.

To begin the session, we took a few newborn pics with Alora’s older sister, Aubree. Miss Aubree sure did know how to light up the room! She was all smiles during this part of the photo shoot. But that didn’t stop me from getting super snuggly photos with a sleeping Alora.

To angle Alora right in this photo, I used props to pose her safely and swaddled her in a blanket. She looks pretty content just to be sleeping in these shots!

I also got at least one of just Aubree so she could feel like she was a big part of her little sister’s day.

Photos With Mom & Dad

After taking photos with Aubree and Alora, we brought in the whole family. Julie & Joshua (mom + dad) were so cute together! You can see where Aubree got her smiles from — Julie and Joshua’s happiness lit up the studio during the session.

While we focused on florals, pinks, and purples for many of Alora’s solo shots, we did a lot of black and white family photography. Julie & Joshua sported a black tie wardrobe, which made for some super classy photos that lent themselves to black and white portraiture. However, we did get a few full-color photos with Julie & Joshua.

I adore this one of Julie holding Alora. She looks so serene. The way her hair cascades around Alora’s little head is some stunning framing.

I also included a dad cradle photo in Alora’s photo lineup. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in maternity photos that fathers can get excluded when they are part of the equation. Joshua was such a warm, loving dad. I wanted to ensure we got at least one of him and his little one together.

Alora, The Lavender Queen!

Okay, so not all of her photos were lavender. But Alora’s newborn pic theme centered around pinks and purples, so we went all in. I love this tiny crown prop, which we went full princess mode into and broke out the rose-colored background and pink taffeta.

Luckily, I have a lot of pink and purple prop variety in the studio, so we tried several different poses. Some of my personal favorites are in this collage below. The upper left-hand pic makes her look like a little angel floating on a cloud. Combo that with her adorable cheeks, and you’ve got a  winning photo!

But props aside — Alora was a little princess. She posed so well and was so sweet and photogenic throughout. It was a delight getting to photograph both her and her family. Thank you to Julie, Joshua, Aubree, and miss Alora for making this newborn session special.

Who will be the next minor royalty in the studio? Schedule your lavender queen for a session today!

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