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gold maternity dress gold spiky crown

Austin Maternity | Tiffany and Roddrick

As an Austin maternity photographer, I love working on sessions for folks who are Texas through and through! Tiffany & Roddrick rocked the set of my Cedar Park photography studio. Equal parts casual, relaxed, and elegant, this maternity photoshoot allowed me to flex my creativity on set and for Tiffany to sport several of my newest wardrobe pieces. My aim? To give Tiffany a new maternity photo experience wholly unique and memorable from her two previous pregnancies. I think I was able to achieve that — and to give this session a little bit of edgy Austin flair!

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Tiffany & Roddrick’s Session

Tiffany & Roddrick were my focus for this Austin maternity session. They’re both local to the area, and are such a sweet couple! Roddrick went to school at the University of Texas and played football there. Now, They are raising three boys — the third “pictured” in these photos!

blue ombre maternity dress


I appreciated the dynamic between Tiffany and Roddrick. You can tell from these shots that they have a loving and supportive dynamic. I also think that the role husbands and partners play can be underappreciated by viewers after the maternity photoshoot. They are often the support team behind the perfect shot, like the flowing robe shot above. They will stand on either side of their partner and help toss fabric depending upon my directions. Moreover, they’ll listen for direction as I give them insight into how to pose to compliment the star of the show!

brown tulle maternity dress


Needless to say, pregnancy is often the focus of maternity photoshoots. However, a good, supportive partner, family member, or friend can help make the day special. Roddrick was a fantastic support system for Tiffany (and for me!)

New Austin Maternity Outfits

But back to the absolute queen of this Austin maternity session: Tiffany.

gold maternity dress gold spiky crown


Tiffany’s smile was infectious throughout the photoshoot. It was the best part of her “wardrobe,” in my opinion! But Tiffany did get to model some of the newest additions to my maternity closet, and we had a lot of fun with it. The crown gives me serious Beyonce vibes, and I was excited to pair it with this gold draping fabric. The metallics in this gown let me play with lights and shadows, which provided extra movement to the photos.

maternity dresses flying fabric


You can really see the lightwork in these black and white photos taken with this fabric, for instance. One of my personal favorite photos from the entire session is in the bottom right corner of the photo collage above.

pregnant woman laying down pink fluffy dress


Of course, Tiffany also wanted to get a fan favorite maternity pose. I was happy to oblige! The aerial tummy view is a great pose for mamas who want a non-traditional shot of their baby bump. Luckily, the mauve dress is excellent for achieving this pose!

Growing Austin Maternity Families

I’m lucky to have my dream job. It’s not every day you get to meet new people, and even still, it’s less often you get to meet a whole family full of hope and excitement for the future. Tiffany & Roddrick were such a fun Austin family to take maternity photos for. I wish them the best in these next few precious months of life for their third son.

cream tulle maternity dress


Looking for someone to document this moment in the history of your growing Austin family? Let’s talk!

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