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sleeping baby wrapped in white

Newborn Studio Photography | Baby Arabella

Doing newborn studio photography is often one of the highlights of my weeks. How can it not be, with all the cute little cheeks, tiny noises, and curly baby fingers and toes to grace my studio? Baby cuteness aside, one of the roles of a newborn photographer is to work with the unpredictability of newborns that no one talks about: the blowouts, the frequent feedings, and the little emotions they all have (who can blame them?). It can be very difficult to plan around those instances, but even with them, we know how to showcase their best sides. Baby Arabella, who was the star of this Austin newborn photo session, had such a good day in the studio that we were able to get one of the most coveted newborn poses of all time — that glowing newborn smile. Here’s a look into Arabella’s baby-only Austin newborn session.

sleeping baby wrapped in white

Newborn Studio Photography Perks

Studio sessions have a lot of advantages, and they’re the only option I offer for newborns. That’s because studios offer the best safety options for little ones. Studios provide parents with comfortable and hygienic spots to nurse, change diapers, and deal with the other unexpected issues that newborns throw at them. Plus, the best newborn photographers have been safety trained when it comes to posing newborns, something which is most safely accomplished in-studio. Luckily for me, Arabella was such a great little client to work with that we had no issues — and she got to model some new studio items.

pink white newborn photos

The romper and gold bed above are new additions to my studio. These two additions are very popular right now, as pink and gold color combinations are “in”. They’re a very sophisticated color palette, but it’s hard to beat a tiny bed when it comes to cuteness. Both this romper and the bed are from¬†Rozzi Rayne Studio Props. I highly recommend them for anything related to newborn photography.

newborn studio photos sleeping baby floral wrap

The pink knit newborn romper and bed were hits among her parents, who opted to do a baby-only photo session. However, we also worked in some other tried-and-true studio props, including the newborn bowl, some floral prints, and some more natural colors. These lighter, natural colors really complimented her full head of dark hair.

Baby Smiles: The Best Newborn Photographer Props

I love to show off my new props, but my favorite types of “props” aren’t props at all. They’re your baby’s facial expressions. As far as miss Arabella goes, her smile took the cake.

smiling baby pink headband pink lace

Newborn Photographers also love when babies are sleepy. That means we have an easier time posing them and there are fewer interruptions. Plus, they look so precious when they’re snoozing. Arabella was a little less sleepy than my normal clientele, however, she had some of the cutest expressions. The smile aside, she was eyes-wide-open for a few of the shots, which is a rare newborn photo treat.

black and white newborn photos

For her baby-only photo session, Arabella was treated to a few wrapped newborn poses and a few unwrapped newborn prop bed poses. She looked stunning in all of them, but I saved one of my favorites for last! A newborn froggy pose.

sleeping baby froggy pose beige

Newborn froggy poses should only be done by safety-trained newborn photographers. So, if you’re hoping to include a froggy pose in your newborn photos, reach out today! I can go over newborn safety and help you plan for your upcoming studio session. Click here to get started!

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