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pregnant woman red dress chandelier

Maternity Photos Austin | Kathia

Often, maternity photos in Austin take on a Texas-theme, whether they are indoors or outdoors. I love a good country and western theme, or just a session that showcases the beauty of the area. However, when I get the chance to shake it up (especially in the maternity studio) I really enjoy the results. Kathia and her family opted for an elegant, glitz and glam session, complete bling for dad and Ceasar (their son). They were such a fun and easy-going couple to work with, and I just loved how they took a basic white backdrop and really made it their own. Here’s Kathia’s maternity photoshoot, featuring Saul and Caesar!

pregnant woman red dress chandelier


Fun & Fancy Maternity Photos in Austin

Meet Kathia, her partner Saul, and her son Caesar.

studio family photos white background

I absolutely loved this session. Not only were these three so sweet and enjoyable to work with, they had an amazing sense of style. I could not get over little Ceasar’s crisply starched khakis and shiny loafers. Especially in the shots where he is also sporting a black button-down, he looked just like a mini version of Saul! It was the cutest. It was also very clear how much Ceasar adored his mom, and I loved being able to capture that in the shots of him looking up at Kathia. Hopefully he won’t get too jealous when his little sibling shows up!

pregnant woman little boy

I wanted to make sure to capture Kathia in her red maternity gown, however, Kathia also took some photos in a white maternity dress, as well.

pregnant woman in red dress and red dress under chandelier maternity photos austin

This dress was perfect for taking black and white pregnancy photos, because it’s brightness helped pick up the shadows in the background. I also made sure Saul was in some of the black and white maternity photos, which turned out looking very formal. I particularly loved this set below, especially the photo on the right. Her smile was absolutely radiant.

pregnant couple white dress window light maternity photos austin

Post-Maternity Photoshoot Edits

I loved Kathia’s big ideas for her maternity session. They were a lot of fun to help plan out.

One of the secrets of this session? A lot of the “props” in the photos, like the window and the chandelier, were edited into the photoshoot after the session. To make these edits as clean as possible, we shot on a plain white background.

pregnant woman red dress chandelier

The chandelier seems natural in the shots with Kathia’s red dress, as though she were walking into a gala made especially for her. (In a sense, she really was! I try to make all my maternity photo clients feel as though they’re the center of attention). While I had some artistic license over the edits, the chandelier was a favorite requested specifically by Kathia.

pregnant woman white dress white wings maternity photos austin

Kathia was also the first person to test out my wings! I love these shots — it was a lot of fun to play with the lighting, since these were taken on plain backgrounds. The addition of the window allowed me to play with “natural” light. In the end, it made her seem as though she had a heavenly glow around her, which I loved. For being a single color palette, the results were striking.

pregnant woman white bandeau dress

Of course, Kathia was so beautiful that even the “plainer” shots I took of her were stunning. Although she stood out in all of the photos we took, these ones of her in her white maternity gown really highlight her curves and features. I am so pleased with the way all of these came out, and I hope she (and her family) are also pleased.


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