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pregnant couple floral backdrop

Maternity Photo Shoot | Andrea

Outdoor maternity photos are increasingly popular these days, especially in the Austin, Texas area. While the reason for outdoor maternity popularity might be because of how beautiful hill country is, it’s also possible that maternity clients think there’s more setting versatility outside. I personally love studio maternity. It is as fun to shoot as it is versatile. Andrea’s maternity photo shoot shows that you can get really creative without having to take your maternity session outside!

pregnant couple floral backdrop

Andrea’s Maternity Photo Shoot

Meet Andrea and David! This dynamic duo was waiting patiently for their newest family member at the time of this photoshoot. However, I met the two well before this doing a Christmas photo session for them and their two other “kids” — two golden retriever pups!

pregnant couple black dress black wood paneled wall

Andrea and David wanted to take a diverse array of photos in the studio, and I was happy to oblige. Andrea had a black turtleneck dress she broke out for a few of these photos, which matched David’s outfits perfectly. This dress, as well as a few other sheer maternity gowns and jumpers allowed me to break out my new wood-paneled backdrops.

pregnant woman black dress dark wood paneled wall

I love my new wood-paneled backdrop. It makes maternity photos look as though they were shot in an upscale mansion somewhere in the older parts of Austin. Having diverse backdrops allows me to shake up the maternity session and provide clients with a range for their own photos. As you can see, the mood shift between the floral background above and these darker photos are drastic, despite having been taken in the same day!

pregnant woman black lace dress

About Comfort During Studio Maternity Sessions

As well as providing a range of setting for studio maternity sessions, my goal for all my clients is to make them feel comfortable. Andrea had a ton of ideas for her maternity session, and we worked together to make a lot of them happen. I really love the flair she put into each of her maternity shots — this one, with the sun hat, is absolutely stunning! What a mood! I loved it.

pregnant woman black floppy hat black sheer shirt

Andrea also had several different outfits to choose from, as well as including many from my client closet. The pink, ruffled maternity gown is quickly becoming a client fave. Who can blame them? It makes clients look classy and confident, as well as bringing out rosy hues in client skin tones. Personally, I loved this shot in particular. The maternity dress provided a contrast point against the darker wood panel background.

pregnant woman pink tulle dress

Andrea’s session had many more amazing photos. Since client comfort is always my priority, so I didn’t share some of Andrea’s photos upon request. That’s totally fine! After all, maternity photos are meant to be a personal memory. Often, as was in Andrea’s case, maternity photos show off skin in an effort to showcase the pregnant body. For most, these photos are empowering. Some do want to show them off, bare skin and all! However, I totally get not wanting to share more intimate photos with anyone who comes to the blog.


I always appreciate my clients letting me share their stories and photo sessions with my followers. Andrea is no different. Thanks to Andrea and Dave for being such a fun couple to work with. I hope to see them again in the future!


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