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Pregnancy Announcement Photos in Austin, Texas

We love creatively breaking news about a new baby here at Hello Photography! This high-end photography announcement photo session incorporated some of the cutesy elements of traditional, casual pregnancy announcement photos with professional studio sessions. In my opinion, this is a great way to celebrate such a milestone and share such exciting news and do it in a timeless, classy way. For those on the fence about getting professional pregnancy announcement portraits, this session may sway your decision.

Pregnancy announcement photo montage featuring a woman in a white dress and her male partner

Sara & Scott’s Pregnancy Announcement Photos

Meet Sara & Scott! They reached out to me because they said they really appreciated my classic studio style and wanted to do a session to announce their pregnancy.   I think of this as a “high end” pregnancy announcement.  They brought some special items — a onesie and some ultrasound pics, which helped announce their big news. I even modeled some of the sets of photos here (like the ones below) after their ultrasound sets!

Photo reel of four pregnancy announcement photos featuring a woman in a white dress and her partner holding ultrasound photos

One thing I loved about this couple — they are smitten with each other (in case you couldn’t tell). It’s pretty common for me to coach my clients into poses during pregnancy announcement photos. This is even true of couples who are super in love with one another! Posing isn’t the easiest thing to do. But these guys just loved on each other the whole time. It was the cutest, and it meant I didn’t need to do much prompting!

Set of six pregnancy announcement photos featuring a man and a woman holding an ultrasound photo. Top row of photos is in color, bottom row of three photos is in black and white.

For her announcement, Sara wore her own fitted white gown with a gorgeous cut-out back. Scott matched her with a crisp white tee and jeans. Though both of these garments could be considered casual, they photographed so professionally, like they were at a black tie affair. Their photos are a great example of the quintessential maternity photography session! Something that can be dressed up or down depending upon the mood.

Showing Off Their Big Secret

Getting professional pregnancy reveal photos is such a fun idea. It allows you to express your creative side while creating memories that will last for a lifetime.

Set of four pregnancy announcement photos featuring two color photos and two black and white photos of a man and a woman holding an ultrasound photo

As I do in most of my studio maternity sessions, I took photos in both black and white. Since the focal point of these photos was first the props (the ultrasound photo + the onesie) and then Sara and Scott, having simple backgrounds and textures and using directed lighting was key. I mentioned earlier that I did not need to do too much directing, however, I did help Scott and Sara position their ultrasound photos in the photos above! The result was such a cute shot that included both Scott and Sara!

Set of three black and white pregnancy announcement photos featuring a man and a woman kissing and holding each other showing off a onesie and an ultrasound photo

Sarah was such a beauty throughout the photoshoot that it was no wonder she and Scott needed little direction. This couple is a powerhouse, and with how much planning went into making their pregnancy feel special, their little one is clearly going to be well-loved. Shortly after this pregnancy announcement photo session, they did a gender reveal. Scott hit a golf ball that was filled with pink colored dust – and we all know what that means! Congrats to Scott and Sara on their baby girl! I can’t wait to meet her.

Want some help planning your pregnancy announcement? Let’s break the news the Hello Photography way. Reach out here!


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