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Newborn Photoshoot Props | Whitten

Newborn photoshoot props can turn a good studio photography session into a great one. They add elements to the photo which may not have been there before, including textures and shadows that make a photo interesting. Plus, they look pretty stinkin’ cute.

There are quite a few excellent props to choose from in the studio, but one stands out above the rest. The moon prop is one of my favorites because it lets me play around with creating nighttime or sleepy-time scenes in Photoshop. This little one’s mom and I were on the same page about this prop! She really wanted it for her little one’s session, and I was happy to oblige! It went super well with her color scheme request. Take a look at how these moon newborn photos came out.

Photo montage featuring five photos of an infant and simple newborn photo props

Now Starring: Baby Whitten

Meet Whitten, this session’s breakout star. Little Whitten one was just such a cutie, and so expressive! Although he took some very sweet sleepy photos, he also graced us with smiles and open eye moments, as you can see above! Whitten’s full head of dark brown hair contrasted beautifully with his complexion and the color scheme picked out by his momma.

Photo montage of a mom holding her newborn baby in front of a plain, brown background. Baby is in a beige knit jumper.

Whitten’s beautiful mom is Jennifer. We made sure to get some photos of her and her newborn son together. You can tell already that he got her dark, gorgeous hair — and I might even hazard to say he got her smile, too! Her genuine happiness radiated throughout the studio, and you can tell it also made Whitten feel more comfortable, too. I love the way he looks at her in the photo above. It’s one of those moments of motherhood that can be really hard to capture, but really “gets” what motherhood is all about.

Black and white photo montage featuring photos of a newborn swaddled in a knit blanket on the left and photos of mom holding a newborn on the right.

Jennifer wanted to use earth tones and blues for Whitten’s newborn photo session. I was happy to oblige for several reasons. Earth tones go great with brown, and that color isn’t used very often in newborn photography. So, I was able to work in some backdrop work and fabrics that I wouldn’t typically use. That also allowed me to use the moon prop, which Jennifer was super happy about!

Newborn Photoshoot Props: The Moon Bed!

Two images of a newborn with complex newborn photography props, including a jute moon bed, blanket, and background featuring stars, clouds, and a water reflection.

Mom really wanted the moon prop once she got to see it. So, we picked out a cute new outfit and set up Whitten in his own celestial scene. The moon prop now  seems to be a must have at every newborn session! I love getting to use it because it means I get to work on the magic outside of the studio and after the newborn session. Being able to take photos during the newborn session is really fun. But I also really enjoy editing photos, and it’s even more fun to edit a little whimsy into those photos. Whitten was the dream client during this session, so a dreamy background seemed only fitting.


Thank you so much to Jennifer and Whitten for spending time at the Hello Photography studio with me. Want to see more adorable newborn sessions? Click here.

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