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Newborn Photo Sessions Setup At Hello Photography

Does taking pictures of babies all day long seem like a dream job? It’s certainly mine! However, I think there are a lot of misconceptions regarding what happens in the studio. It’s not an easy job that just anyone can do – it takes tons of time, training, and continued learning to ensure the baby is safe and secure at every point during the session. It also takes a lot of hard work to make the session successful for baby, mom, me, and everyone in the studio. Here’s a deep dive into a day of newborn photo sessions at Hello Photography.

Newborn Photo Sessions Setup

Some parts of the newborn photo session process are a little more complex. But I like to keep the session setup pretty flexible. I will often start with posed newborn photos, where babies are set up in specific poses with a variety of backdrops.  Baby is usually pretty sleepy in their car seat when they arrive, so this often allows me to work with some of the more complex poses that people love (like the froggy newborn pose).

froggy pose on a camo blanket

Keeping this in mind, I always pay attention to the newborn and never force them into a pose – babies may be new here, but they know what their bodies can and can’t do! Sometimes, a pose just isn’t right for a certain baby at a certain moment. With all poses, I move slowly and make tiny adjustments as I go.  This is for several reasons: the safety of the baby, the precision of the pose, and not to wake the baby if they are being a good sleeper!

Making Things Cozy & Comfortable

One thing I prep before baby and family come to my studio is the studio atmosphere. Most importantly? I make it nice and toasty in the studio. Much like a little chick, a newborn baby loves to be warm and toasty, so that’s how I keep it!

There’s a heater nearby which keeps everything snuggly and warm. But I don’t just rely on the temperature to keep baby feeling safe and sleepy. I utilize dim light throughout the studio, as well as a baby “susher” machine. The machine works wonders on mom and dad, too – many parents feel as sleepy as their little ones once they’re done here!

Throughout the session, the baby’s comfort is the most important element to planning. Think of it this way — do you take better photos when you’re happy, or when you’re crying?

sleeping baby beige blanket

Flexibility Is Key

Being flexible is really one of the most important parts of keeping the session baby-optimized.

We take plenty of breaks for things like diaper changes, feedings, and snuggles whenever baby needs it. Every baby is different, which definitely influences the flow of the session. Some babies will sleep throughout the entire session, which makes posing them easy, but also makes the session go by quickly. Other babies get a lot of breaks, but I get a chance to flex my creativity muscle — and to get to know the family a little more!

If baby is active at the start of the session,  we’ll start with some wrapped shots in a bucket or bowl rather than starting with posed shots. From there, we will move onto some other prop shots- this is where my tiny bed, bowl, swing, and moon prop (among others) come in. I’ll coordinate family pictures around baby’s mood. During the middle or end of the session, babies may become fussy and spending some time with their family helps them settle back in so they finish off the session with some great photos — and so mom and dad get to spend some more quiet time with their baby.

There’s nothing like sending parents & babies home feeling relaxed (and then excited about getting their photos back!)

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