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Outdoor Maternity Photos | Robyn and Kirk

The Texas sun can be something else. I’ve never felt so hot as standing under an afternoon sun here. During that time of the day, there could be a double rainbow just overhead and you wouldn’t notice it because of how hot you felt. However, for all that the sun down here passes out sunburns like local currency, it also is a blessing for photographers. Robyn’s Outdoor maternity sessions are a testament to this. We took her photos in the late afternoon and early evening… and I’ll let them speak for themselves.

Robyn’s Outdoor Maternity Photos

Meet Robyn! For those who don’t know, I’m a busy person around the studio, so occasionally I get the help of an assistant. Robyn was actually my part-time assistant for a while. I absolutely loved working with her! She’s so professional and on top of it. I wish she could help me with everything around the studio!

She’s also a photographer. So, needless to say, we would get along great even without her being an awesome assistant.

Robyn is a super adventurous spirit, so I was so happy to get the above shot! The lighting, the shape and texture of the dress, and the landscape definitely calls out summer sunsets in Texas. Robyn’s partner, Kirk, also accompanied us on this outdoor maternity trek. Unfortunately, I found out after we started taking photos in the grass, Kirk is deathly afraid of snakes! That’s not the easiest fear to have around these parts, and I felt bad that he had to check his every move while we took Robyn’s photos.

New Addition To The Wardrobe!

Robyn also got to model one of the newest additions to the Hello Photography wardrobe during her outdoor maternity photos. This lavender dress is making waves, and I’m so excited to have it as a versatile member of the dresses in our wardrobe. The gown you see here is actually a two-piece, with the top and bottom tailored in a way that you can adjust it to look like a full dress or wear it with your belly out. This dress also comes in red. But for the purposes of this photoshoot, I think the lavender worked really well. Also, it was perfect for Robyn because she named her daughter Violet. 🙂

I hope to take more of these types of photos in the future. Robyn really picked a good spot to showcase the local natural beauty. But Robyn also really shone in these photos. I know the phrase gets used a lot, but she definitely was glowing throughout most of these shots. Maybe that’s with a little help from the Texas sun, or maybe that’s all her.

Thank you so much to Robyn for letting me take your photos! It was a delight. You can support Robyn and her work by checking out her website and following her socials! Robyn is an Austin-based couples, family, and pets photographer. That is, when she’s not busy being a new mom!

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