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Outdoor Maternity Photo Safety

Pregnancy and childbirth don’t get much more natural. It’s no wonder that so many maternity photo clients request their photos be taken outside. For some, feeling more connected to nature is the drive for outdoor maternity sessions. For others, the outside provides a sense of connection to a place they call home. Still, for others, it’s a chance to get a diverse series of backdrops for photos they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives. Whatever the motivation, it’s good to consider outdoor maternity photo safety before your session.

Are Outside Maternity Sessions Safe For Everyone?

Outdoor maternity photos are safe for most pregnant people, generally speaking. However, like all aspects of pregnancy, personal health can vary greatly. Experienced maternity photographers will schedule maternity photo shoots between 30-35 weeks. This way, maternity clients can still get around comfortably and efficiently (and mostly without help) while still having a pretty prominent baby bump. As a rule, outdoor maternity photos should be taken no later than 35 weeks to prevent potential injury to mom and baby. Always look for a maternity photographer who will work with you on timing!

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Outdoor Maternity Photo Safety 101

Maternity photographers typically don’t ask their clients to do anything super strenuous during their outdoor  maternity sessions. However, to get those coveted secluded spots, outdoor maternity clients should expect to do some light walking — sometimes in places a little off the beaten path.

There are outdoor photo options for those who cannot get around easily, such as backyard photoshoots. To consider whether an outdoor photoshoot with more walking is feasible for you, ask yourself the following questions.

Questions to Consider

  • Would this pose or setting be comfortable for you if you were not pregnant? This is not to say that pregnancy isn’t a superhuman feat, itself. However, a good rule is that if you are not comfortable doing a pose or action before you were pregnant, pregnancy will not make it any easier. Only choose an outdoor maternity session if you are comfortable doing a little walking — otherwise, a studio session might be the better option.
  • Has your doctor given you walking or hiking clearance? There are instances in which people who do a lot of hiking and walking may be asked by their doctor to refrain during part or all of their pregnancy. If this is the case for you, an outdoor session might not be a good fit.
  • What will the weather be like on the day you take photos? Avoid days that are too hot, as this can be dangerous during pregnancy.
  • Do you need access to any non-portable medication? 
  • Are you allergic to (bees, pollen, etc.)? If you are allergic to anything found outside — especially life-threatening allergies like bees — you should avoid outdoor maternity sessions.
  • Can you bring someone to help you carry water and beverages?
  • Are you ready to listen to your maternity photographer? Remember — maternity photographers have done outdoor photo sessions before. They’ll know all about regional safety, especially for pregnant folks, and will recommend photo spots that are easy to access with photo equipment and pregnant people. Please be willing and ready to listen to them for suggestions!

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Final Thoughts On Outdoor Maternity Photo Safety

Maternity photos should be special memories for all. Taking photos outside can be very memorable. It ties the photos to a place you can visit after your baby is born. But outdoor maternity photos aren’t for everyone, and it’s totally okay if you’re one of those people! A good maternity photographer will find a way to make your photos memorable before, during, and after the date, they are taken.

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