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Sleeping baby on her belly laying on a purple blanket wrapped in a purple knit fabric and wearing a purple headband.

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Winter is here, and for new parents, there’s nothing like a snuggly baby in your arms to warm you & your heart. As far as newborn photography essentials, baby Aria had it all! She was not only super sleepy the whole time, which helped me with posing during her newborn session, but she was also the most precious little one. So, buckle up! We’re going on the cutest trip today with Baby Aria and her family.

Sleeping baby on her belly laying on a purple blanket wrapped in a purple knit fabric and wearing a purple headband.

Meet Baby Aria!

It’s time to meet the star of the show– little miss Aria. Aria was accompanied by mom Keerthana and Dad Anoop. They were the sweetest couple. I loved getting to know them through this studio photography session and Keerthana’s outdoor maternity session. If their kiddo turns out to be anything like them, Aria will be kind, warm, and loving. Keerthana had this beautiful blue floral dress on, so I used a lot of greys and dark blues in Aria’s photos with mom to make the orange flowers on her dress pop.

Mom and dad holding their new baby wrapped in a white blanket with a white bow headband.

Whenever mom and dad take part in newborn photos, I always like to make sure that they get some photos together and some by themselves. Both of the solo photos with Keerthana and Anoop showed of their personalities well, which made each of their solo photo sessions completely unique. Keerthana is so vibrant and warm, her overhead newborn photos radiated happiness while Aria snuggled up beside her.

Mom holding her newborn baby wrapped in a white knit blanket with a white bow.

And I just love her smile — it’s genuine and earnest all at once! Plus, she is such a loving mom, and it shows in these photos.

Aria was a champ as we switched between mom and dad for his solo sessions! Anoop is a very nice guy, and like his wife, also has an infectious smile. (Which, if you look below, they definitely passed on to their daughter!) The way he held and gazed at Aria during their session together was beyond precious.

Dad holding his newborn baby

I just can’t get over Anoop and Keerthana! They are such wonderful new parents.

Newborn Photography Essentials & Props Galore!

After we worked with Aria’s family, Aria & I got to do some solo sessions. I know I mentioned this before, but it was amazing just how great she was during her newborn poses. She slept most of the time and let me put her into some really sweet poses (including a froggy newborn pose) and several different outfit, prop, and set changes.

Black and white collage of sleeping baby in various posed newborn photography positions during newborn photoshoot.

When newborns sleep through their sessions it allows me to hit all the newborn photography essentials — set variety, poses, and wardrobe changes that allow me to “tell a story”.  Don’t these pics have storybook vibes, as if Aria were a little fairy princess?

Sleeping baby in a variety of sleeping positions

Of course, we can’t always hit this exciting newborn milestone, but when Aria smiled, I was lucky enough to catch it on camera. It was such a joyous moment! I just love how she clutched the teeny bear close to her chest, as if she were dreaming a lovely dream.

Smiling newborn baby wrapped in purple holding a white teddy bear.

And to pay homage to Aria being an excellent sleeper, I just had to get a photo of her in the moon bed prop.  It was so much fun to dress her up and stretch the imagination to create this whimsical shot. I hope that it brings Aria and her family a lot of joy for years to come.

Baby sleeping with a blue striped outfit and bonnet on laying on a burlap moon with gold stars all around her

Thank you so much to Keerthana, Anoop, and little Miss Aria for joining me in the studio for this newborn session. Schedule your newborn session today!

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