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sleeping baby laying on his back on a gray blanket wearing gray knit overalls

Austin Newborns | Baby Photography in Austin, Texas

I love a laid-back session. While most Austin newborns are pretty laid back, Silas and his family added in the serenity that is sometimes hard to capture on film. Silas’ newborn session was an all-inclusive family session; this wasn’t the first time I had worked with the family. Mom Madison did both studio maternity and outdoor maternity sessions, which were stunning! Keep an eye out in weeks to come for those — I thought they had made it on my blog, but now you have more from this beautiful family to look forward to. For now, here’s baby Silas!

sleeping baby laying on his back on a gray blanket wearing gray knit overalls

Austin Newborns: Meet Baby Silas!

Baby Silas and his family — mom Madison and Dad Airen — joined me for this newborn session. Madison and Airen came dressed in matching black shirts, and we kept to black and white for photos that included mom and dad. I loved how snuggly Silas looked in the waffle-stitch gray blanket.

Parents holding their sleeping baby boy during their newborn photoshoot

Silas was a fantastic sleeper as we worked through family shots with Madison and Airen. This family has such a good energy– I love how peaceful everyone looks in the bottom two pictures of this set. After doing several with both mom and dad, we moved on to solo shots.

Working with Airen was easy. He took direction well and put his heart into posing with his son. Every session I do, I realize how much personality changes in photos. Although these are very typical “dad” poses, which I use with many of my clients, all my photos (these included) look distinct from one another, right down to how Airen is holding Silas.

dad holding his sleeping baby boy wrapped in a gray waffle knit wrap.

After Airen, it was Madison’s turn to take photos! I love working with Madison. She’s beautiful inside and out; boy was she ready to be a mama! I love how she glows in these photos with baby Silas.  Madison has stunning gray-blue eyes, which matched Silas’s blanket perfectly. So, I went with a grayish-pink background to compliment her eyes and skin tone and bring out the color in both.

mom holding her sleeping newborn boy wrapped in a gray blanket

We also did a few birds-eye-view shots on this sheepskin rug. Madison has this beautiful dark brown, lusciously thick, curly hair that I wanted to showcase. The white background brought out the golden brown undertones and shine in her locks. Mr. Silas slept perfectly throughout family and solo portraits with mom and dad, so we made sure to give him his own time to shine afterward.

mom laying on a white rug holding her sleeping baby boy wrapped in a gray blanket

Baby Silas’ Solo Shots!

We used a simple color scheme with the family, making for high-contrast, gorgeous photos. For Silas’ solo shots, we added some simple colors. Being so close to the winter, this cable-knit blanket and evergreen moss gave Silas a cozy background to look super adorable. The tiny teddy bear added a hint of extra warmth, and Silas obviously loved it. We went from a natural wood background to my beloved moon prop; all the while, Silas kept his eyes shut!

sleeping baby in various newborn props

Silas was the verifiable king of sleeping. He slept through several set and outfit changes, including a swaddled photo in a tiny bed and one of my faves- a little white knit swaddling outfit. So sleepy!


Thanks to Madison, Airen, and of course, baby Silas. Want your own super snuggly sleeper Austin newborns session? Click here.


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