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baby laying in a bowl at the end of a rainbow made of buttons

Rainbow Babies | Baby Lizzie

If you follow my blog, you know that I love Rainbow babies. All newborns are delightful to be around, but as the mom of a rainbow baby myself, rainbow babies have a special place in my heart. This time, I got to photograph baby Lizzie. If you remember a few newborn sessions, Lizzie’s older sister Arabella was also in the Hello Photography studio! I’ve worked with their family for quite some time, starting with Arabella’s mom’s maternity photos. Each session was unique, and I am so happy to be able to showcase baby Lizzie’s newborn-only photography session.

Black and white newborn photo featuring an African American baby in froggy pose wearing a mini tiara

Rainbow Babies | Meet Baby Lizzie!

Meet Lizzie, one of the sweetest little newborns you will ever see. Lizzie had a diverse, studio-only session with sleepy and open-eyed shots, as you can see. When she was awake, Miss Lizzie offered the camera a lot of expressions, plus those irresistible big brown eyes.

Rainbow babies in a photo montage.

Lizzie was also an excellent sleeper, which provided several excellent photo-staging opportunities that naturally mimicked sleeping. I wanted to showcase the gorgeous newborn dress (featured above), which her mom brought for her. So, I paired photos featuring the dress with this highly adaptable background and props that fit the color scheme. The tiny gold bed is one of my favorites, and Lizzie looked like a little angel in it.

Infant sleeping on a macrame prop swing in purple, pink, and yellow homemade dress

I also tried out this tiny swing prop during Lizzie’s photoshoot. I played with lighting and different poses to feel movement on this stationary prop. Lizzie slept like a champ throughout the photo shoot, which gave these prop swing shots a serene feel.

Rainbow Babies: A Rainbow Of Color

If documenting a rainbow baby pregnancy is very important to my clients, I am always super happy to accommodate them during their maternity sessions or newborn photos. After all, a rainbow baby is a big (often joyous) event! However, having a baby after a pregnancy loss can certainly elicit mixed emotions. On the one hand, it’s a moment of pure, unadulterated joy when you finally get to hold the little one you’ve been waiting to meet for so long. But it can also remind you of the little one who left you too early.  So, when I do rainbow sessions, I try to ensure that the entire session isn’t a rainbow session. That way, we honor the baby who had to leave us and celebrate the baby who joined us!

Newborn baby with big brown eyes and brown skin wearing a bow, in a basket, on a rainbow background

For Lizzie, I put a lot of effort into staging one poignant rainbow baby photo. I have yet to use the rainbow buttons much before in the studio but I was happy to incorporate this in Lizzie’s set. It provided a bright, vibrant rainbow against this background.

African American sleeping newborn in white lace posed on a bed over flowers and a pink backgound

For the rest of Baby Lizzie’s photos, I incorporated a lot of saturated color because this little one has a lot of vibrancy herself! I was particularly proud of the photo above. I wanted to include a lot in this photo without making it feel too busy. To do this, worked with a simple color scheme but lots of textures! From the background to the flowers to the blankets, each element is positioned to draw the eye to the center of the photo — where our most important little subject is! I also had a lot of fun editing Lizzie’s reflection into a photo after the fact.

Cute photo montage of three rainbow baby pics featuring a newborn on a pink background.

Lizzie was such a sweetie to work with on the set. While I am all about using colors other than pink or blue in my newborn photos, there’s no denying that Lizzie looked adorable on the pink background. What color and tiny little crown is more fitting for a princess like her?

Thanks to Lizzie and her family for continuing to work with me after all these years.

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