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pregnant woman laying down gold glitter effect

Studio Maternity Boudoir | Angelica and Marco

Sometimes, the people with the toughest exteriors are often the sweetest and most romantic people I know. I know that from my time in CrossFit, but I also have met so many clients who fit that mold, as well. Angelica and Marco are no exception! Angelica is an award-winning bodybuilding champ, and her husband looks tough as nails in real life! But if all you saw were these maternity boudoir photos, you’d have no idea that they both kick butt and take names for a living.

pregnant woman laying down gold glitter effect

I am so excited about how these photos came out — they showcase so many different sides to Angelica and Marco: tender and tough. Sweet and saucy. Romantic and independent. Everything a good boudoir session is all about!

About Angelica & Marco’s Maternity Boudoir Session

Angelica is a bodybuilding champion and fitness model originally from Brazil who now lives in Texas. When she decided she wanted a studio boudoir maternity session, I was more than happy to oblige. Boudoir photos are photos made to appreciate the body, essential for everyone undergoing significant body changes like pregnancy. We spent time taking the perfect photos of this former Ms. Olympia winner to celebrate her body in a new way!

black and white nude maternity

Bodybuilding contests are a lot about celebrating the shape of human muscles in the body. So, in the same respect, I wanted to respect and celebrate the strength of Angelica’s body as she carried her baby!

I did this by incorporating a lot of curvature to her boudoir shots, as you can see above. After all, curves are sexy, and showing the body’s curves is part of boudoir photography. One of the other things I loved about these photos is that they showcased her pregnant body and her bodybuilder body — the black and white photos especially brought out the definition of her calves and her baby bump!

boudoir maternity couple

Also there to celebrate the pregnancy and Angelica’s body was Marco, her husband.

Learning About Each Other & Themselves

Marco and Angelica have a loving relationship with one another, and that chemistry is apparent in Angelica’s boudoir maternity shots. I particularly love this one of the couple below because I thought it showcased their personalities so well.

pregnant couple in black/white

Both Marco and Angelica are some of the sweetest people you’ll meet. This photo is dynamic, though, in that it showcases so much of their personalities. Marco looks supportive and friendly in this photo. The way he holds himself behind Angelica makes him look very present and at the moment and like someone you can lean on. Angelica looks confident, strong, and independent in this photo, as well. It’s clear from this photo that the pair have found their harmony in one another.

pregnant woman laying down man kissing her

These black and white maternity shots showed an even more different, intimate side between the two. I love how tenderly they looked at each other, and the shadows enhanced by the black and white provide an intensely romantic setting.

Rose + Gold Maternity Boudoir

As well as black & white maternity boudoir shots, Angelica wanted to include gold dust photos and one of my favorite maternity dresses from my dress selection.

pink tulle maternity dress

This dusky rose maternity gown added a hyper-feminine touch to the photoshoot. Whereas the black and white maternity photos brought out the sexy side of maternity boudoir, these photos were about appreciating the belly and the softer side of maternity. Of course, Angelica looked amazing in all her photos!

gold glitter maternity pics

Gold leaf maternity photos are enjoyable to do. They’re slightly messy, but hey, if you want to get messy, why not get messy with real gold? Gold gives maternity photos a luxe feel and can give you a confidence boost if you’re struggling with the changes your body goes through during pregnancy. It didn’t seem like this was the case for Angelica, but the gold made her look like a queen!

Waiting For Alyssa

Who’s Alyssa, you might ask? Alyssa is Marco & Angelica’s daughter! I also had the honor of taking her newborn photos and will share that post later, but I felt like the photos captured the joy they felt as parents-to-be.

pregnant couple white dress t-shirt jeans

They were so excited to be parents, and after meeting Alyssa (a few weeks after the photoshoot) it’s very clear that she was excited to meet them, too.

Interested in learning more about maternity boudoir? I love helping moms feel confident about their bodies and their pregnancy through the art of photography. Reach out today to learn more about how I can make your maternity session special.

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