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Rainbow Baby Photos | Baby Nori

Rainbow baby photos are highly requested newborn photography packages. These special newborn sessions showcase a family’s newest member and help them celebrate. This family was all about the rainbow theme, and I was here for it. Baby Nori’s nursery is rainbow-filled, which partially inspired this newborn session.
However, Nori was also a blessing to her family after they struggled with infertility, so I wanted to include that in this rainbow baby theme, as well.
sleeping baby on a moon prop
Instead of putting a rainbow in every photo, I opted to do a shot in each color of the rainbow. These are the results!

Baby Nori’s Loving Family

This family was so sweet and loving to work with, even when little Miss Nori was acting up. (This is not uncommon! Babies frequently act up during sessions). The family, including Nori, took everything into stride. It’s easy to see that mom & dad’s easygoing nature will rub off on their little one.

collage of black and white family photos with new baby

Baby Nori joined Kevin & Seana’s family after a long and emotional wait for parenthood. Nori is named after Seana’s grandmother Eleanor — a nice coincidence, since my grandma’s name is Eleanor, too. I had never heard the name “Nori” used to shorten Eleanor before, but I think her unique name fits with the family’s down-to-earth and loving vibe.

Little Struggles During Rainbow Baby Photos 

Sometimes the poses I suggest for newborn photos work out great and create a beautiful photo. Other times you have to work with the happy accidents, including infant meltdowns.

black and white family photos

I let families choose their newborn photos out of a session lineup, and it struck me that Seana & Kevin loved these photos of Nori — who was obviously ready to be done with her newborn photo session. She was not a fan of being naked during the shots with her family, despite us doing what we could to keep her warm throughout. She did end up going through many wardrobe changes through the photoshoot and managed keep her cool during the wardrobe changes, so she was a trouper all in all.
rainbow themed newborn photos

Nori was even lovely about letting us change her outfit between every color of the rainbow. She handled it well until we got to purple. But we still managed to make it work with some snuggle time and a lot of patience.

What Is A Rainbow Baby?

I have done a fair number of rainbow baby photo sessions in the past. A rainbow baby describes any baby conceived and birthed after a period of infertility, miscarriage, or infant loss. 

black and white photo sleeping baby on a moon prop

You might have noticed that in one of the baby photos, Nori was wearing a pineapple headband. Seana introduced me to the fact that pineapples are one of the newest symbols of infertility. Women will incorporate pineapples into their maternity photos, newborn sessions, and all throughout their journey with infertility. Specifically, those going through IVF have co-opted a pineapple as a lighthearted but hopeful symbol of their fertility journeys. Seana wanted to incorporate pineapples into Nori’s photoshoot. So, I made the little pineapple headband in the green photoshoot especially for Nori.

The folks at the Arc Fertility Blog noted in a recent post that, “The shape of the pineapple reminds women to stand tall and as if wearing a crown to counter the negative feelings that can affect mind and body.” Women like Seana wear pineapples to their IVF and fertility treatments to remind themselves to keep going because the reward at the end is ultimately worth it.

Thanks again to Seana and Kevin (and Miss Nori!) for giving me some artistic freedom. This allowed me to fully engage with Nori’s subtle rainbow-themed photoshoot. If you would like to schedule a rainbow themed newborn session, click here.

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