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sleeping baby boy on a cream colored blanket

Newborn Photography | Baby Anakin

Meet baby Anakin! I did Anakin’s baby-only newborn photography session soon after his mom’s maternity photos.

I remember his mom’s maternity session very fondly. Their family was lovely, and we got to spend some time in the outdoors taking mom’s maternity photos. We also spotted a sleeping baby deer, which just added to the magic of the maternity photo shoot.

sleeping baby boy on a cream colored blanket

This time, the focus was all on the newest member of the family. Although I took his photos inside, we managed to sneak some nature into his newborn photos. He enjoyed the comfortable studio, and his mom enjoyed the greenery we included in some of his glamor shots.

Newborn Photography For Baby Anakin

Anakin — what a doll! Any Star Wars fan knows exactly where his name comes from. There’s no dark side to this sweet face, though. Anakin was a sweetie throughout the entire newborn photography session. I like to think he knew he was the star of the show and wanted everyone to know it!

photos of a sleeping baby boy on a cream colored blanket

Anakin’s family went with a star/space theme when naming their little ones. He’s not the only sibling in the family — Anakin also has an older sister named Luna! Luna was not featured in Anakin’s newborn photos, but rest assured, she was a fan of her little brother. 

Down To Earth Themes

Mom might have given her babies star-themed names, but we went with a lot of earth-side themes. She wanted to include whites and creams as the photoshoot palette, and she also wanted some greenery. I was happy to oblige. 

collage of a baby wrapped in a white blanket in a bucket surrounded by greenery

Mr. Anakin even managed to open his eyes during the shoot. He had these dreamy, dark eyes that just looked stunning against the dark green background and cream props. I was over the moon (no pun intended) with the way the photos above turned out.

collage of photos of a sleeping baby boy in black/white pictures

The greenery also popped well in the black and white photos I took of Anakin. Anakin had this soft, beautiful black hair that I wanted to highlight in some of the photos. Not all babies are gifted with gorgeous locks, but he sure was. Not only did the black and white shots add some dimension to plain-colored shots, but it also made his hair look soft, shiny, and unbelievably handsome!

Tiny Bear Appearance!

It’s hard to resist including my tiny bear prop in my Austin newborn photos.

Anakin’s photos were no exception! The bear fit in wonderfully with the natural colors and foliage included in his photoshoot. I figured if his family got to see a baby deer during mom’s maternity photos, Anakin deserved a little bear. 

sleeping baby boy wearing overalls in a heart shaped bowl

Plus, it’s hard to ignore just how cute he is here, snuggling little bear close to him. In this wool jumper, he looks a lot like a tiny bear himself.

newborn baby in the froggy pose in a black/white photograph

Of course, he’s just as cute hanging out in the buff. Anakin had no problem dressing up or dressing down for his photoshoot. He was comfortable being put in various newborn photo poses, set up with props, and photographed in his onesie and without. I couldn’t have asked for anything more!

Thanks to Anakin’s family for letting me take his newborn-only baby photos. A special thanks to mom, who booked me after their magical family maternity session. It’s been a treat getting to know you!

It’s crucial to set up your baby’s newborn photos well before they’re born. Most photographers start to get busy around this time of year (I’m entirely booked until midway through December). You don’t want to get left high and dry when it comes to your baby’s newborn session.

If you’re expecting in January, February, March, Or April  — let’s schedule a time to take your baby’s photos now.

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