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sleeping baby tiny bed

Photography In Austin | Baby Zoi

Mardi Gras just passed, and honestly? The colors in this newborn shoot give me serious Mardi Gras vibes. Newborn photography in Austin can be really fun because parents here love to think outside the box. Pink is a great color for baby girl newborn photos. However, when it comes to shooting the same color repeatedly, it can get tiring. When Zoi’s mom requested teal, blue, and purple for her newborn photos, I was over the moon.

sleeping baby teal floral wrap brown bucket brown floor

I love the way they came out, and even more — I love how unique these colors made Zoe’s session.

Photography In Austin: Baby Zoi

Miss Zoi was an absolute delight to work with.  A quiet munchkin with a beautiful head of dark brown hair. She was sleepy during her photoshoot, which meant that she was easy to pose during her photos. Of course, it helped that mom and dad were super on board with helping me set up shots. Zoi’s photoshoot was a true family affair.

sleeping baby teal blanket teal velvet bow

I already spoke to my delight about the color theme of Zoi’s photoshoot.  But another thing I loved was how we found ways to incorporate aspects of femininity into Zoi’s photos without defaulting to pink. The blue bow and blue flower headdress were gorgeous and brought out the softness of Zoi’s skin.

sleeping baby navy wrap pearls

Some personal favorite shots? These ones of Zoi in a blanket of pearls. I think the darkness of the blanket and backdrop combined with the brightness of the pearls gives it a black and white photo feeling. Of course, pearls are another common symbol of femininity without being too overt.

sleeping baby tiny bed

These sets of photos also gave off the feel of black and white or antique photos. The lighting and shadows were a big reason for this, but I also loved the pillows we used to prop up Zoi.

sleeping baby tiny bed

Family Ties

Zoi’s parents were pretty clear that they didn’t want to include pink in Zoi’s photos. However, one of Zoi’s photos did include a bit of pink. Her dress is fairly traditional: pinkish/lavender and frilly. But we included it because another big part of this photoshoot was including family ties!

sleeping baby purple dress swing

While Zoi’s dad and I set up this shot, Zoi’s mom told me a little more about the background of the dress. It was hers when she was little, and she definitely wanted to see Zoi in it. While this dress was pretty cute, it wasn’t the only heirloom to make it into the newborn photos.

sleeping baby teal blanket teal velvet bow

In this froggy pose photo, the heirloom is the silver bracelet you see on Zoi’s wrist. That was Zoi’s mom’s baby bracelet, and it fit perfectly on her daughter’s wrist. I love including family ties into newborn photos because it shows commitment to keeping the family legacy going throughout the generations.

Lavender For Sleep

One of Zoi’s parents’ requests was to include purple in her photos. I have a lot of cute lavender-colored newborn photo props, so I was happy to oblige their requests. 

sleeping baby purple blanket

Lavender fit Zoi so well, anyway! Throughout the photo session, she was a stellar sleeper, which allowed me to work with her on some poses. I especially loved some of these baby photos featuring Zoi’s baby cheekies. Man is she a cutie.

sleeping baby white pillow purple blanket

sleeping baby white pillow purple blanket

Zoi was a delight to work with, and I just loved how her pictures came out. They have all the elements of sweetness that you expect from baby girl newborn photos — even though there isn’t any pink!

baby in purple sleeping in a webbed bowl


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