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Outdoor Pregnancy Photos: How To Keep Warm During Winter

Winter outdoor pregnancy photos are so fun to take. You get sparkling cityscapes with lit trees and festive shop windows in early winter. In later winter, you get frost-covered branches and crisp, clear skies. Texas has the luxury of staying relatively temperate during the winter. However, if the Snowpocalypse of 2021 taught us anything, it’s that it can also get very cold. Since maternity photographers schedule their clients out weeks to months in advance, preparing for an extra cold maternity photography session can be tricky.

Here are ways other Austin maternity photographers and I help their clients stay warm and look fabulous during their photoshoot.

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Use Props To Keep You Warm

Props can personalize your maternity photography, and for winter photos, they might just keep you warm.

  • Blankets: Blankets are fun and whimsical ways to add rustic flair to a photo while keeping you warm. Drape blankets lovingly over your shoulders like a shawl for a fun style twist. Wear them until it’s time to take a photo, and then have a partner or friend help throw the blanket, so it looks like it’s blowing in the wind. The possibilities are endless.
  • Lean Into The Outdoor Aesthetic: It’s okay to bundle up for your pregnancy shoot, especially if you’re due during a winter month! Wearing winter clothing will help you remember your pregnancy and keep you warm. Bummed that you might have to wear your hat and mittens? Turn it into an opportunity. Break out those special knitted hats & mittens from grandma for a nod to generational motherhood, or take the opportunity to treat yourself to that cute winter set you’ve been eyeing on Etsy.
  • Fire: Chances are your Austin professional photographer doesn’t have the authority to start a fire just anywhere. But if you have a place in mind, having an outdoor fire going is a great way to take a break and enjoy some winter outdoor time. 

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Layers During Your Outdoor Pregnancy Photos

You might hear the voice of whoever raised you in the back of your mind reminding you to bundle up as days grow longer and nights grow chillier. Layers are something most of us grew up with, and they’re something professional photographers can work with during a maternity photoshoot. 

Layers can be a very artful way to stay warm during your pregnancy photos, allowing you to wear your favorite sweaters and dresses together — and letting you bring multiple outfits to your pregnancy shoot. If you have one maternity gown or dress you’re stuck on, that’s okay, too. Invest in base layers, or very thin insulating clothing, to wear underneath your chosen outfits.

Bring Hand & Feet Warmers If It’s Very Cold

From time to time, it gets extremely cold here (again, think February 2021). If you’ve got frigid temps in store for your maternity photoshoot, prep with hand warmers and feet warmers. These are relatively inexpensive items that you can tuck in with your things between shots and return to after taking those shots.

Extremities like your fingers and toes are the first to get cold, as your body focuses on sending blood to your essential organs during temperature drops. So warming your fingers will go a long way to keeping your whole body comfortable while you’re outside.

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Decaf Coffee, Tea, And Hot Cocoa Are Your Outdoor Pregnancy Photo Friends

It seems like a no-brainer, but the power of a hot drink can go a long way. While hot drinks minimally raise your body temperature, they are more efficient at helping regulate body temperature, meaning you feel warmer when you’re in a cold situation.

For Texans, having hot drinks on hand can also benefit us during hot weather! Body temp regulation works both ways, and in hot weather, drinking hot liquids can actually keep you cool. That’s why Menudo is a popular lunch choice in places like South Texas and Mexico.

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Bring Friends & Loved Ones Along For Hugs

Nothing warms better than a hug from a friend, partner, or parent. I always encourage my clients to bring someone with them to their maternity photo shoot, and winter is a great time to utilize them for their hype factor and body warmth!

Warmer days are ahead, so it’s time to start planning for them! Let’s chat about what we can do for your upcoming end-of-winter session and beyond.


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