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big brother baby sister box wood background

Baby Photoshoot | Miss Summer

I do a lot of family photoshoots, though often they are with just mom and the newborn or the newborn’s parents. It’s fun to include siblings of the newborn into Austin newborn photos, though, because it really captures some of the lesser-seen joys of parenting with more than one child. Autumn, Khoi, Lennox, and Summer brought their A-game to Ms. Summer’s Austin baby photoshoot. The results? A very sweet (and extremely cute) family-focused photography session.

family photos with new baby

Meet The Family

Summer was the center of attention during her newborn photoshoot, but she wasn’t the only one I took photos of. Mom, Autumn, and dad, Khoi, brought along Summer and her brother, Lennox, for her newborn pics. And my goodness, Lennox was just adorable.

big brother baby sister box wood background

Lennox was so sweet to his baby sister throughout the photoshoot.  He was always gentle with her when I gave him directions, lightly putting his cheek to her cheek and proudly showing her off during their poses. Mr. Lennox looked pretty spiffy himself, sporting a pint-sized bowtie and some snazzy sneaks.

brother holding new baby sister brown bucket

Autumn and Khoi’s personality definitely influenced their little guy, and likely will influence Summer!

Both are easy-going and friendly folks, and both of them were clearly had so much love for Summer, Lennox, and one another during the photoshoot. I love how full of pride and joy Autumn looks in these photos. I also really appreciated how they both wore black for the baby pics. This not only looked super spiffy, but it really showcased their little ones by drawing attention to their lighter colored clothing. Selfless (and fashionable) parenting at its finest!

family photos with new baby

Pretty In Pink Austin Baby!

baby sleeping pinks and white

Summer’s outfit color of choice throughout the photoshoot was a pastel pink or white. That let me do what I do best, which was switch up the backgrounds and props we used for her photoshoot — and boy, did we have a lot of props to work with! A tiny pillow, little crown, and my favorite (the burlap moon bed) all made appearances during her photoshoot. However, one of my favorite props came from Summer: her sweet smile.

baby sleeping pink background

We kept with a fairly traditional feminine baby photo theme, which included pinks and florals. To mix it up a bit and give Summer’s newborn photos a unique flair, I added florals into the moon prop photos. That way, even when I took photos on the beige background and burlap moon I was able to include the traditional feminine baby photo aspects that helped her photoshoot stand out.

moon prop pink flowers

Austin Baby & Family Photos: In Color + Black & White

Summer’s family and I also had fun playing around with Black & White and color photos. All their photos were really cute, but the difference in color and texture between the two types of photography played an interesting part in the way they came out.

mom snuggling her babies

These two photos, for instance, have two completely different feels to them. The color photo brings out Autumn’s beautiful rosy cheeks, and I’m instantly drawn to Summer’s face, then Autumn’s, then Lennox’s. In Black & White, the elements of the photo make me notice different parts of the photo at different times. I am drawn to Autumn’s face first, then Lennox’s, then Summer’s.

mom with new baby

The black and white element also brings out the textures and highlights of the photos. It really makes the sparkle in Autumn’s eyes pop.

It also brought a sense of closeness to the photos of Khoi, Summer, and Lennox. Summer looks so at ease here in her dad’s arms. I especially love the photo of Khoi kissing the top of Summer’s head.

dad holding baby white wrap

Thanks to Autumn, Khoi, Lennox and (of course) Summer for making this baby photoshoot so lovely. To book your 2022 newborn photos with me, click here.

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