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couple hugging holding pregnant belly green dress

Outdoor Maternity Session | Sara & Christopher

It’s hard not to love an outdoor maternity session. It’s got all the best natural props — greenery, beautiful lighting, and if you time the season right, maybe a Texas Bluebonnet or two! The outdoors were a refuge for people during the pandemic, and you might say the outdoors were an inspiration for this pandemic couple’s maternity photos. Sara and Christopher got married during COVID and never had a chance to get professional photos taken. We made sure to change that during this Cedar Park baby bump session.

blue open belly dress creek

Sara’s Outdoor Maternity Session

Meet Sara and Christopher. This adventurous couple met while dancing. It takes a lot of charisma and trust to dance with another person, and it’s clear why they hit it off while dancing. Sara and Christopher were so loving, tender, and trusting of one another during this photo session. It was truly beautiful to see.

maternity photos couple blue dress field

This maternity photo session worked out so well for so many reasons. You can see how the lighting enhanced the photo in the photo series above. Sara’s curly hair was lit up in several of these photos in a way that made it look like she had a halo. The soft dusk shadows also brought the texture of the scenery out really well. It’s almost as if you can see every strand of dry grass in these photos. Although the prickly pear is mostly cut out and unfocused, it is still apparent what it is. And it wouldn’t be an Austin, Texas, outdoor maternity session if it didn’t have a little bit of desert in it!

maternity pictures green floral dress creek

However, Texas hill country isn’t all desert and cacti. All around Austin, rivers, and streams help keep the landscape lush and relatively green — even in the heat of summer! We made sure that Sara stood out from the sea of green around her by putting her in a lighter green maternity gown and a bright blue one.

blue open belly dress waterfall

Don’t you just love how happy she looks in this shot?

Prepping For An Outdoor Maternity Session

You might think that outdoor maternity clients might spend less time on their hair, makeup, and other aesthetics because they want an au naturel feel. Nothing could be further from the truth! I always recommend that my studio and outdoor maternity clients do what they need to feel comfortable and pretty. Betty Oseguera did Sara’s makeup beforehand.

couple hugging holding pregnant belly green dress

As my blog followers may also notice, this isn’t one of my regular maternity gowns (though I love it!)

I never ask my clients to purchase their maternity gowns. However, some clients (like Sara) did bring a gown they wanted to wear. Sometimes it’s the confidence boost you need to really make your baby bump photos glow! I just loved how the sage green skirt, pink flowers, and white bodice of this shirt helped contrast her bump elegantly.

pregnant belly green dress floral

Timeless Couples’ Photos

Since Sara and Christopher didn’t get a chance to get professional wedding photos done, I wanted to include a few more formal-feeling ones that included both of them in it. Christopher dressed up for the occasion, and both of them gave 110% when it came to their couples photos. They’ll always have these photos to look back on to remember this time in their lives. And soon, they’ll be able to show these photos to the kiddo who was there in spirit!

black white outdoor maternity photos creek

Thanks to Sara and Christopher for letting me share their stunning outdoor maternity session (and their story).

Don’t let the heat of the Hill Country summer keep you from sneaking in an outdoor photo session. Book your maternity package today!

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