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Baby Bump Photos | Simran and Isaac

I often use the term “baby bump photos” during my maternity sessions. Maternity sessions happen usually during the 8th month of pregnancy, so the “bump” is very pronounced. But these baby bump pics were a delightful little change from the normal. Like Goldilocks and the three bears, this bump was just right for what this couple wanted to do with this set of photos.

I can’t wait to tell you all about Simran and Isaac during their pregnancy announcement session.

A set of two photos -- one in black and white and one in color -- of a man and a woman putting one of each of their hands over the woman's baby bump

Baby Bump Surprises With Simran & Isaac

Simran an Isaac are such a stunning couple. I was so pleased to help them share their pregnancy with their friends and family. They wanted to wait a little bit before Simran started to show before they told anyone. The little baby belly she had for these photos was just enough to break the secret!


A series of black and white maternity photos featuring a man and a woman showcasing their sonogram photos

With a small but gorgeous baby bump, Simran glowed this whole photoshoot. I don’t know if the couple envisioned a timeless and classic theme for their shoot, but it turned out just that way! Timeless photoshoots take photos of couples in outfits and poses that aren’t trend specific. As well as avoiding the “cringe” that we see with a lot of decade-heavy trends in photos of the past (frosted tips, anyone?), timeless photos reflect the enduring love and connection between couples.

Simran donned a shin-length, bodycon black dress that hugged her small baby bump gracefully. The classic black dress was simple and sophisticated. It highlighted her radiant beauty. Isaac opted for khakis paired with a well-fitted tee shirt and polished Oxford shoes. His attire was a perfect complement to Simran’s outfit, showcasing their attention to detail.

Choosing A Background

How do we choose backgrounds in the studio? Part of it is client preference, but I also have my own reasoning. Simran, Isaac, and I chose¬† a plain background for their pregnancy photo shoot. This minimalist setting provided a blank canvas for their love and anticipation to shine (as well as for me to work with the elements to create an interesting story!) Against this backdrop, every detail, from Simran’s small baby bump to the sonogram photos became the focal point of their story.

A set of six baby bump photos featuring a woman and a man showing off the woman's bump and their sonogram photos

Isaac was a really fun, supportive partner throughout the photo shoot. They both took direction effortlessly, and it made for some really fun shots. But there was one set of photos, in particular, that I loved. Those were the bump comparison photos.

A Set of three photos: The top photo shows a man and a woman bumping their bellies together, the middle and bottom shows a man holding his stomach next to a woman holding her baby bump

I love the little bit of humor Isaac brought to this portion of the maternity session. It not only made us all laugh, but it kind of symbolized that supportive partners are in this together! VIP (that’s “very important partners”) will do anything they can to bring a smile to their loved one’s face during their pregnancy.

As they look back on these photographs in the years to come, I hope Simran and Isaac will be reminded of the joy they had together in the studio, as I’m sure it was part of their everyday life. Every image, from the tender embrace to the belly bump comparison, tells their story, which is one that clearly is full of love.

Do you have a secret you want to get out with the help of some photos? Look no further — let’s talk!

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