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pregnant woman blue dress husband toddler white button down shirts

Maternity Photoshoots | Angela’s Studio + Outdoor Photos

Maternity photoshoots done in the studio vs. done outside all have different perks. I can’t say there’s one I like over the other when it comes to these two settings. The result was stunning when I got the chance to do both during Angela’s photoshoot. Angela and her little family lit up the room (and the set!) during her time in front of the camera. It was a pleasure to meet them and try out some new studio staging with them!

Meet Angela + The Fam

The mom of the hour for these maternity photoshoots was Angela!

She was accompanied by her partner, Jayar, and their son Jair. Little Jair was such a cutie — he practically smiled the entire photoshoot (though it’s hard not to smile when you’re out having fun at Richard Moya Park!)

pregnant woman holding toddler boy

Angela, Jair, and Jayar sported spiffy outfits in the studio and outside of it. I can’t get over those cute little Nikes Jair was wearing or the teddy bear on his lapel.

pregnant woman holding toddler boy

We spent a lot of time taking family portraits outside, and the bridge provided the perfect backdrop for some lovely couples photos between Angela and Jair. I love how Angela’s maternity gown color matched the bridge in the color photos. Although the bridge is usually a rust-red color, the sunlight and exposure in the photos gave it a purple feel. Plus, the two made their couples’ portraits amazingly romantic. It’s hard not to love this series of photos!

pregnant woman purple tulle dress old bridge

Of course, getting Angela some solo outdoor maternity photo time was also important. I loved how whimsical (yet elegant) she looked in these maternity photos, under the canopy of lush Hill Country trees:

pregnant woman purple dress pecan trees

We also took a few solo shots on the bridge in the gorgeous lavender maternity gown with a taffeta mermaid train:

pregnant woman purple tulle dress historical bridge

Her smile in these shots is absolutely stunning!

Maternity Photoshoots In The Studio!

Angela and the family also shone in the Cedar Park studio, where we utilized several maternity gowns and studio props to capture a wide range for Angela. It’s pretty clear from photos like the one below that she is extremely devoted to (and happy with) her family. We also worked with different lighting and solo shots to create a range of feelings throughout her session.

pregnant woman blue dress husband toddler white button down shirts

This prop and backdrop were new to me, and I was so pleased to have Angela try them out during her session.

pregnant woman gold dress

The Gold fabric and circles behind Angela give this photo a regal feeling. I personally loved the way it looked in color and the movement that the fabric provided. Jayar, of course, helped toss the train of the fabric to create the
“wings.” However, I also loved how these sets of photos came out in black and white.

pregnant woman gold dress black white

While I loved Angela’s bold, beautiful, confident smile, we also took a traditional pensive shot in this blue maternity dress. I love how this dress looked on her, and I especially like how it worked well with a more serene and quiet shot, like the one below, and other, more lively photos.

For instance, the one in the lower right-hand corner of this set. The blue in the dress seems to almost light up with the twinkle in Angela’s eyes. It’s a twinkle many of us moms know well — the pure joy of parenthood. She wears it well, and I’m delighted to see what’s next in Angela’s family’s life after they meet their newest member.

pregnant woman holding toddler boy

As always, thank you to Angela, Jayar, and Jair for the pleasure of your company! It was a delight.


What’s next for your growing family? Maternity pictures, I hope! Let’s talk about maternity sessions today.

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