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pregnant woman purple mermaid dress tulle

Austin Studio Maternity Photography | Tripti

Many of my clients are super adventurous and opt for an outdoor maternity photoshoot. I get that– I also love the outdoors. However, as someone who enjoys being outside, I also cannot understate how much I really enjoy my Austin studio maternity photography sessions. Whereas outdoor maternity photos are rustic and wholesome, there’s something very intimate about focusing attention solely on the mamas in the studio. Plus, a studio gives my clients somewhere convenient to make wardrobe changes — and Tripti, the mama featured here, had quite a few changes in mind!

pregnant woman purple mermaid dress tulle

Tripti’s Austin Studio Maternity Session

Meet Tripti! She came to my Cedar Park studio with her husband and a few ideas for what she’d like from her maternity pics. Tripti didn’t have to do much to stand out in her photos — she was absolutely stunning. Not to mention she had the most beautiful hair I’ve ever seen. She had it styled classically by Betty at BettyBeaute. Betty also did Tripti’s makeup!

pregnant woman ivory dress pearls

I really appreciate the hair and makeup look provided by Betty. The hair and makeup work enhanced Tripti’s lashes in photos, and everything was just simple enough (without being too simple) to go with all of her wardrobe changes. And while the focus was all on Tripti during this session, Tripti also showcased some of my newest wardrobe additions!

All About The Fabric

I’ve been utilizing a lot more fabric in my photoshoots. In Tripti’s session, we used a hot pink fabric drape to capture movement and shape. Personally, I thought the hot pink fabric was perfect on her — it complemented her rosy cheeks!

pregnant woman hot pink dress

Tripti’s husband, featured below, helped toss the fabric train to create the wing-like pictures. He also posed with her in several shots. They were super cute together!

pregnant woman fushia dress

Tripti also got to model a fan-favorite maternity dress (and my personal favorite). I call it the curtain, but I promise that nickname is out of love. I feel like on the hanger, this dress reminds me of an eighties-era hanging floral curtain.  But I swear this dress is a miracle. It looks good on everyone, regardless of body type. The Curtain is highly versatile. If you’re not a fan of strapless, it also has optional pull-on puffy sleeves. It’s genuinely one of my favorite additions to my maternity wardrobe.

pregnant woman floral dress

Posing In The Studio

Austin studio maternity photography relies a lot on posing. Special maternity-specific poses bring out the magic of studio maternity pictures.

pregnant woman purple mermaid dress tulle

The purple maternity gown above really worked well with hand framing around Tripti’s baby bump. The fabric held a shadow well, and the addition of Tripti’s hands emphasized her bump. When Tripti’s husband was in the picture, we made sure to do a variety of shots with him looking into the camera, at Tripti, and at Tripti’s baby bump.

pregnant woman wearing ivory dress with pearls

Tripti also had to do the ever-popular aerial shot, which I take from my balcony. It works well with the Sheer fabric of this dress, which gives this pose an almost whimsical look.

I had a great time taking pictures with Tripti and her husband in my Cedar Park photography studio. Wishing them all the best in this next chapter of their journey!

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