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pregnant woman black dress with leg slit

Pregnancy Photoshoot | Yartiza’s Outdoor + Studio Photos

It’s that time of year again — Fall! Coming from Connecticut, Texas autumns are a lot different from the big color shows of the Northeast. But there’s really something to be said about the end of the year down here. Flowers start coming out again after their battle with the summer heat and the sun, brush and scrub trees change color, and the sun just hits differently! It’s gorgeous. Fall is a blessing for any pregnancy photoshoot in several ways. For one, it provides a gorgeous backdrop. But it also encourages more studio sessions — which means I get to stretch my creativity muscle!

Pregnant woman in a white maternity gown stands in a field of long grass in front of a sunset

Yartiza’s Pregnancy Photoshoot : On Set Outside

Meet Yartiza! She’s the latest mom I’ve had the pleasure of working with who wanted to include both indoor and outdoor scenes in her pregnancy photoshoot.  We had a lot to work with during her outdoor photos. The sunset was particularly helpful when it came to the color saturation in her photos. It gave everything this gorgeous, rosy hue, especially when we took couples photos in the long grass.

Pregnancy photoshoot collage with man and woman in front of sunset

Yartiza’s husband, of course, helped us capture some of the solo maternity photography shots, like the one below. I’ve explained how these work in the past, but I wanted to give an overview of how they can sometimes be tricky in outdoor settings. In the studio, when we do these photoshoots, we typically do them on a plain background, which helps me photoshop the person assisting with train throwing out of the shot. Outside, it gets even harder to do, because there are so many elements you must factor in when you edit the photo.

Pregnant woman in flowing maternity gown in front of scrub brush and a sunset

We used the grass in the foreground of these shots to help. The grass also worked as an amazing frame around Yartiza. See if you can figure out what is a close-up of grass and what is a potentially edited spot!

Collage of outdoor maternity pictures with couple

I loved both the outdoor and indoor sessions Yartiza did, but I just adore these shots with her husband. They are so tender.

Yartiza’s Studio Maternity Session

After we did some photoshoots outside, we went back to the studio to take some shots inside. In the spirit of the season, I had to showcase these photos of Yartiza in dark green satin with a gold crown. They look super classy and sophisticated — and, to be honest, I hadn’t done too much with the dark green satin as of yet. I’m very pleased with how the shots came out!

Pregnancy photoshoot collage of woman in black satin on a black background facing the left

Because it can be hard to get all elements of a photo in when so many are dark, we played a lot with studio lighting. That is what allowed me to capture the background, the movement of the fabric, and Yartiza’s gorgeous hair in all the shots.

Set of two photos from pregnancy photoshoot of woman wearing black satin on a black background

The studio lighting also allowed us to take photos in both black and white.

Yartiza’s husband helped with train throwing in the studio, as well, so we made sure that he was featured several of the studio maternity photos. Their energy was vibrant throughout the day, and I am confident I was able to capture that for them during their time in the studio.

Collage from pregnancy photoshoot including a man and woman holding each other in different poses

One point I really appreciated about Yartiza’s session was how she kept the studio session simple and classy. Using a black maternity dress with gold accents and black and white backgrounds, the emphasis throughout the photos is always on Yartiza — which, it should be! She’s the star of the show!

Woman in long black maternity gown posing in several photos from a pregnancy photoshoot

And as the star — she shone throughout!

Pregnant woman in a long black maternity dress holds her baby bump

Thank you to Yartiza for her absolutely stunning session in my Cedar Park photography studio. I hope to get to meet her little one when they finally get here!

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