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Austin Maternity Photography | Loni & Lita

All pregnancies are unique, but this maternity photoshoot took the cake! I had the pleasure of shooting Lita & Loni’s Austin maternity photography, taken on Bull Creek. Lita & Loni are sisters, due only five days apart. When they scheduled their outdoor pregnancy photos together, I was delighted. We made sure that they’d remember their pregnancies — and how it brought them together — through this unique maternity session.

pregnant sisters white dresses water maternity photography

Meet The Family

The two moms to be are Lita & Loni. I loved the energy they brought to their outdoor pregnancy photos — it’s clear that they are close and that this unique tie will only bring them closer. It will be fun to hear about how close the two girls get as they grow up, too. I can foresee a few fabulous joint birthday parties in their future!

pregnancy white dress austin maternity bull creek

Loni, seen above in the shrug-shoulder white maternity gown, is having her first baby. I love how serene and contemplative she looks in these photos. She wasn’t solo during her photoshoot because she had her extended family. But I also love the vibe her solo photos gave off. Loni looked very powerful and ready to take on the world!

family maternity photos

Lita brought her little family along for her maternity photos. She has one son already, Logan, and her husband, John. As you can see from this picture, Logan is already super in love with his little sister. He’ll be a good big brother. 

Austin Maternity Photography On Bull Creek

We took Lita & Loni’s maternity photos at Bull Creek on a bright and sunny mid-December day. It was over 70 degrees, which is unusual for this area during December. Luckily, this allowed us to get some stunning shots full of warm light down by the creek. Lita even got to don a white maternity dress that is usually a little too chilly for this time of year!

pregnancy photos green velvet dress white lace dress

Lita’s shots by the creek came out so well! Unfortunately, John had broken his foot a few weeks earlier and couldn’t make it down to the creek. So, we kept a natural look for their photos that didn’t require John going out of his way and possibly hurting himself. Lita and Loni now have photos taken solo in the same place, which is something I hope they’ll treasure.

family austin maternity photos in a field

I enjoyed the way these family photos came out, anyway. The yellow color of the grass goes well with Lita’s green velvet maternity dress, and it contrasts Logan & John’s darker outfits perfectly.

Rainbow Dresses, Rainbow Babies

You know I love a rainbow baby photoshoot, and I was delighted to photograph one of these mamas who is a rainbow mama herself. Lita (mom of Logan) is a rainbow mom, meaning she experienced a pregnancy loss before her current pregnancy. Many of my rainbow moms like to wear my rainbow skirt with their gowns, but Lita rocked the white crochet dress and green velvet gown. 

Instead, Loni wore the rainbow maternity skirt!

austin maternity photos white dress rainbow water

Although Loni is not having a rainbow baby, I like to think that her wearing the rainbow skirt fits well with the theme of their photoshoot.

The fact that Loni & Lita decided to take their maternity photos together shows that they have a connection with one another — a connection that is caring, supportive, and hopeful of whatever may come. Those qualities are qualities that I associate with rainbow pregnancies and the people around them. They’ve been a rock for one another during this process, and their support will only help nurture their babies as they grow up together.

Thanks to Loni, Lita, and her family for working with me to get these great maternity photos.



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