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Sekrit Theater Photography | Family Maternity Session

I love being a maternity photographer. It’s wonderful to see moms in their element, getting to choose their ideal outfits, locations, and themes designed to  bring out their personalities. Many moms choose to do their maternity photos solo, with just their partner, or in the studio. Pamela opted for a pretty special Austin-area setting for hers. Here are scenes from Pamela’s Sekrit Theater photography session.

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Maternity Photography At Sekrit Theater

Austin locals proudly flaunt the phrase “Keep Austin Weird”, and Sekrit Theater is one of those places that helps the area live up to their quirkiness and sense of wonder. Founded in 2009, the Sekrit Theater is an artists’ and gardeners’ paradise located on the East Side of Austin. It’s full of art and architecture installations, beautiful greenhouses, native and exotic plants, and so much more.

It’s beloved by photographers, and many of my maternity photography clients also love it.

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When Pamela reached out and requested a Sekrit Theater photography session, I was over the moon. It was even more fun because the whole family came along with her.

Meet The Family

Mom Pamela not only got to show off her gorgeous baby bump in this photo, but she also got to show off her gorgeous family!

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Pamela and her husband, Dan, are already the proud parents of two wonderfully goofy little boys. The eldest, Caleb, is sporting the short hair in these photos. His younger brother, Joey, has the wild mane of curls. I was lucky enough to get to shoot those curls, because just a week later his mom cut his hair! He wasn’t too happy about the change, but if the moms of boys know anything, it’s this — the hair grows back faster than you’d think.

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One of the coolest things about Sekrit Theater is that it appeals to all ages. Adults get the chance to look at the old buses, art installations, and plant life. Kiddos get the chance to play around on interactive structures! There was plenty of stuff for the little guys to climb on during the session.

No Longer The Boys Running The Show

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Pamela looked radiant during her maternity sessions. Part of it (I’m sure) is that she has the sweetest family ever.

Her husband was so helpful throughout the entire photoshoot, making sure the boys were supporting their mom during the shoot and not getting into too much trouble. But they didn’t really need too much direction in that department.

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They were really good kiddos. I did some posing, and they were generally into it and very cooperative. However, they did get pretty giggly when I asked them to not smile or look at me for certain poses. But I get that — when you think too hard about not laughing, it can be hard to not laugh. Luckily, their laughs were infectious.

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Pamela might have been smiling, however, because she’s not going to be the only lady in their little family now. They’re expecting a girl! And if their little girl is anything like their two boys, she’s going to be so, so loved.

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Thanks to Pamela and her family for making this Sekrit Theater photography session so special.



Things To Know About Sekrit Theater Photography

Sekrit Theater is a beautiful space to take pictures in, but it isn’t a place you can just walk into and expect to take some photos. As a specially-curated artist’s haven, they rely on visitors to keep their vision running. As an artist myself, I totally get it. I’ve shot maternity photos at Sekrit Theater before, so I know the process for booking.

If Pamela’s maternity photos piqued your interest, and you’re considering taking yours at the Sekrit Theater, reach out. I can get the process rolling!



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