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pink tulle dress in the woods

Summer Maternity Photoshoots | Brittany & Devin

May is here! For many places in the United States, that means spring is just starting. But in Austin, Texas, May is practically summer. The heat starts rolling in, the blooms retreat, and animals stay in the protection of the brushy shade until the evening. Heat aside, there are many wonderful things about Texas summers — especially early summers. I thought that sharing one of my summer maternity photoshoots might be an excellent way to welcome the new season. Brittany and Devin had a gorgeous, ethereal session marked by a pastel sunset and lush greenery. As far as settings go, it was hard to get a more gorgeous setting than this one at Brushy Creek Sports Park.

maternity pictures pink fluffy dress outdoors creek

If you need inspo for your summer maternity session, look no further.

Brittany & Devin’s Brushy Creek Photos

Meet Brittany & Devin, a lovely young couple with a little one who now is a bit bigger than a baby bump!

Brittany hand-picked her maternity gowns for a romantic, fantasy-like feel for this photoshoot. Even without these particular maternity gowns, I think that the photo shoot would have had an air of romance. Brittany and Devin had such beautiful charisma; it was clear that they were absolutely in love with one another.

maternity photos park bridge creek woods

Devin was a massive help to Brittany & me throughout the day. Like many partners who accompany their wives to maternity photoshoots, Devin helped with some staging and poses. The couple took advantage of the still pretty temperate spring to showcase Brittany’s baby bump. Brushy Creek is beautiful at this time of year, and the end-of-the-day lighting certainly showed off the best parts of nature.

Maternity Photoshoots: All About Mama

Having partners, parents, and even friends at maternity photoshoots can help moms feel comfortable and beautiful. Posing for professional photos doesn’t necessarily come naturally, and often, the clothing we wear during professional photos is not the type of clothing we would typically wear. Suffice it to say, although maternity photos are meant to make moms feel special and beautiful, they sometimes can make moms feel self-conscious. The people we love make us feel special and accepted — regardless of what we wear, so having them there can really make a difference.

sunset maternity pictures nature

I didn’t get the feeling that Brittany was self-conscious during her maternity photos. She glowed the whole time and was totally on board with the poses, settings, and photo scenery I included in her Brushy Creek Sports Park session. So, I wanted to get some solo shots of her without Devin. After all, maternity photos are really all about mama!

Personally, one of my favorite shots of the entire summer maternity session is the big picture above, featuring Brittany’s gorgeous smile. She looks so happy (and, dare I say, excited to be a mom?) I love how we got the light to hit her hair in a way that almost made it glow like a halo. I also really appreciated the shot of Brittany in her pink maternity gown in the last line of photos above. She looks like she rules that forest behind her. I love capturing confidence and beauty at once in maternity portraits.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s day just passed, and I hope Brittany had a lovely one. It would be the first since her little one was born! I’m so excited to hear more about the adventures she, Devin, and baby have been on since her pregnancy. Hopefully, they’ll get to play in Brushy Creek Sports Park again when baby is older — where baby’s “first pictures” were taken.

pink tulle dress in the woods

Thanks to Brittany & Devin for this stunning session. Want a summer photoshoot like theirs? Let’s chat!

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