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yawning baby holding gray bear wrapped in white

Studio Newborn Photography | Baby Atlas

Studio newborn photography is full of fun little surprises, and this session was no different. Mr. Atlas starred in his solo shoot without his mom or anyone else in the photos. Baby-only photo sessions are good for focusing on texture, color themes, and — of course — little ones themselves. Our plan for a solid color palette worked out great because Atlas was one expressive baby!

yawning baby holding gray bear wrapped in white

Yawns & Snuggles In The Studio

Seriously, that yawn photo above is one of my all-time favorites. But it wasn’t the only picture from this session his parents are sure to show to a future prom date.

newborn baby wrapped in white knit hat greenery

I shot a couple of scenes with Atlas, all of which were very snuggly. There was no set-in-stone theme for his newborn pics, but I wanted to do a few shots with an earthy theme and a few with a nautical theme. Both settings used some of the high-quality, neutral knits I have in the newborn & maternity studio. The earthy theme gave off forest vibes, so I wanted to shoot Atlas in the adorable cap you see above — like he was snuggling in for a cool fall.

sleeping baby tiny bed

We went from a more forest-like scene to a more summery scene. Navy blues, whites, and neutrals evoke images of summer but also worked well with his complexion. Atlas almost seemed to glow in this picture set. Adding some white to the palette allowed me to work with newborn posing. As you can see in the righthand picture, I used the blanket to position Atlas safely.

black and white newborn photos

I know I’ve talked about this before, but I can’t stress it enough — it’s essential to work with a newborn photographer trained in newborn posing safety. Wrapped newborn poses are tricky, as seen in many of the shots above. You must know precisely where to tuck the newborn’s hands and feet, how much pressure to use when wrapping the blanket, and the warning signs of an uncomfortable baby. Even the shots of Atlas on the newborn bed involve proper bolstering knowledge.

brown heart bowl sleeping baby green wrap

My clients rest safe knowing I’ve been through extensive training and know-how to pose newborns safely.

The Secret Behind My Studio Newborn Photography Wardrobe

Most professional newborn photographers have a wardrobe for their tiny clientele, and I’m no different. The mom in me loves shopping for newborn outfits to put babies in. Where I differ from many other photographers is that I invest in my knit outfits — I research each outfit in my closet and provide only top quality ‘fits for Hello Photography babies.

sleeping baby beige knit romper brown heart bowl

First things first: I make sure the knits in my closet will be comfortable for a baby. The fibers used in the knits have to be soft because newborns will let you know if the yarn is too scratchy. Sometimes, photographers cut corners and buy cheap outfits. I can see where they’re coming from — after all, babies are only in the outfits for a little while.

newborn baby wrapped in white knit hat greenery

However, buying cheap knits for baby photos doesn’t do a photographer any good, either. I have noticed that as well as being uncomfortable for babies, cheap knits don’t photograph well. The texture is all off, and the color doesn’t photograph well. Investing in good wardrobes for newborn photos is something I wholly believe in as a photographer.

newborn boy sleeping striped pillow tiny white bed

Plus, if you couldn’t tell from Atlas’s photoshoot, he was thoroughly comfortable throughout. I don’t think I could have gotten his yawning photo if I hadn’t allowed him to settle in for his session!

Thank you, as always, to Atlas and his family for allowing me the opportunity to work with them.

Want to show off your snuggly newborn knits? It might seem too hot right now, but bring them to my air-conditioned studio, and your little one will love it. Let’s take some photos together!

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