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Sitter Session Baby Photos in Cedar Park, Texas | www.hellophotographyaustin.com

February 3, 2021

Are you ready for some photos that will make your heart feel like it’s singing out loud? If you answered yes, then you’ve come to the right place!

Baby Ethan is now 7 months old and sitting up like a champ! He’s smiling, and drooling, and super interested in his hands.  He clearly loves his momma as he was giving her all of the googly eyed grins!  He seems to think his dad is pretty cool too as you’ll see in the last photo of this post.

It had been cold and raining for a long time when we did this session and I selfishly took my time editing these images.  He just made my days so much brighter I wanted to hold onto that as long as I could- or at least until the sun came out again!

I’ve seen this little guy a few times since he was born but not enough that he’d remember who I was when we did his sitter session baby photos.  Clearly this kid has never met a stranger! He’s certainly taking on some of the qualities I love so much about his mom and dad- friendly, kind, and just plain happy. You might know his parents as the owners of Streamline Crossfit.

a super cute sitting baby

OMG.  This hat!  He was starting to grow out of it which is why we couldn’t pull it down on his head any further but still cute nonetheless.  It was perfect for this cold, winter day. He’s seriously adorable… even that little pouty face in the bottom right corner of the collage.

sitting baby wearing a winter hat

This is one of my favorite ages to capture for sitter session baby photos. They can sit on their own but they aren’t quite able to move around too much. They are generally pretty happy and easily entertained.  They are finding their voices and their little coos and screeches are hysterical.  The rolls.  Need I say more?

Smiling happy baby in a bowl

I cannot believe how big this guy has gotten since we did his newborn session! I know he’s 7 months old now but boy oh boy they sure do change a lot in that time!  If you missed out on his newborn session you can take a peek HERE.

Let’s talk about baby mugshots for a second. These are perfect to capture a variety of expressions that your baby is making.  Happy? Check. Confused? Check. Wonder? We got it. And then the fussy face.  That one might be my favorite!

If you’re not up for a full milestone baby session, why not schedule a quick Baby Faces session with me? 20-30 minute sessions on a simple white blanket in my Cedar Park, Texas photo studio to capture a variety of expressions of your baby.  You’ll get your images as a digital download in both color and black and white versions along with a collage of all of your chosen images to send to friends and family.

I mean, can you really say no to this face?

happy baby photo baby mugshot photos black and white baby mugshot photos

I think it’s the baby drool for me. And this absolutely adorable Nirvana sweatshirt!  Sitter session baby photos focus on your baby so I like to keep them simple so we get to see all the rolls and dimples and show that baby drool in it’s full glory.

Baby Ethan suddenly became obsessed with his hands towards the end of the session.  It was so funny, almost like he didn’t know he had them! He kept waving them around surprised that they were moving when he wanted them too.  He was so excited about his newest discovery and I was definitely here for it! We were all laughing so much!

baby milestone photos sitting baby

This drool icicle is pretty impressive.

drooling baby sitting on a tiny bed happy baby sitting on a tiny bed

This guy might be the happiest baby on the block. He can come back anytime.

happy baby black and white happy baby

I couldn’t resist including this adorable shot of dad reaching in- seriously the best!

dad with his smiley baby

Did you miss out on newborn photos but still want to capture some images of your baby? You can contact Jen Rizy of Hello Photography HERE.


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