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Rainbow Baby Newborn Session

The arrival of a rainbow baby is a profound and emotional experience for any family. A rainbow baby, born after a previous pregnancy loss, represents hope, healing, and new beginnings. But it isn’t without a bit of heartache for the little ones who we never got to meet. For Sara and Dustin, welcoming their daughter Daniela into the world was a momentous occasion after enduring the heartache of seven pregnancy losses. To celebrate Daniela’s arrival, we organized a special rainbow baby newborn session that highlighted their journey and celebrated their new, growing family.

A newborn in the froggy pose on a crocheted rainbow blanket. She is wearing a floral headband with flowers in all the colors of the rainbow.

Daniella’s Rainbow Baby Newborn Session

Rainbow babies symbolize the light and joy that follow the storm of grief and loss. They embody the resilience and hope of parents who have faced the deepest sorrow and emerged stronger. For Sara and Dustin, Daniela was their miracle, their symbol of perseverance and unwavering love.

A black and white photo featuring a crying newborn swaddled and placed in a decorative bucket.

This photoshoot was not just about capturing beautiful images, but about commemorating the incredible journey that led to Daniela’s birth. We not only incorporated rainbow images throughout, but also worked with every color of the rainbow and incorporated some symbolism.

A newborn photo featuring a newborn lying on a green background. Her legs are curled up onto her tummy and she is asleep.

I just love Daniela’s peaceful and content expressions in these green images, and they encapsulate the sense of peace she brings to her parents’ lives. The botanical headband added a touch of nature, symbolizing growth and new beginnings.

a close up portrait of a newborn baby swaddled in a green cloth with a green, floral headband.

Green, the color of life and renewal, is in itself a powerful color. I hope by incorporating it into this photoshoot that we were able to symbolize life and growth.

A newborn baby girl is swaddled in a green cloth with a green pillow behind her head, placed on sheep's wool in a heart-shaped basket.

Plus, I mean, how can you say no to these sweet little baby feet? The green swaddling cloth made a great contrast for her little pink toes.

a close up image of newborn feet sticking out of green swaddling cloth.

In the same vein, roses and pinks definitely feel like spring and renewals.  We did several photo sessions with roses and pink colors.

A posed portrait of a newborn baby on a prop swing on a pink background. She is wearing a pink tulle onesie and a pink rose headband.

A newborn baby rests on a prop bed, her face on a pink tulle pillow. In the photo above, Daniela was placed on a mini prop bed, dressed in a pink dress and a pink rose headband. The pink hues added a touch of sweetness and innocence, reflecting the delicate nature of newborns. The mini prop bed made Daniela look like a tiny doll, capturing the enchanting beauty of her early days.

A newborn baby wrapped in mauve swaddling cloth and placed in a decorative bucket. The bucket is surrounded by burlap, pink cloth, and roses.

But we also had a few photos that were really reminiscent of springtime rather than just pink alone. They included florals and burlap, giving them an earthy feel. I particularly loved these.

Innocence, Hope, And A Fresh Start

While green and pink may conjure up images of springtime, I used whites and cream colors to convey a sense of peace and hope.

A newborn baby rests on a white background. She is naked except for a white tulle headband.

For one of the photos, Daniela was placed on a white background, adorned with a white tulle headband. The simplicity and purity of the white background highlighted Daniela’s angelic features. Meanwhile, the tulle headband added a delicate and ethereal touch.

A newborn baby sleeps peacefully on a white background under a white lace shawl. She is wearing a tulle headband.

Another photo on the same white background was a close-up of Daniela under a lacy blanket. The intricate lace patterns added texture and depth to the image, while the close-up focus drew attention to Daniella’s serene and peaceful expression.

Creative Rainbow Baby Newborn Photos

I also wanted to be sure to incorporate actual rainbows in this newborn session, too. After all, this is very important symbolism.

A newborn baby lays under a pink blanket. She has seven color hearts poised over her head, each for a color of the rainbow.

The rainbow heart picture above has seven hearts to represent each baby that Sara and Dustin lost. With all rainbow babies, there is a sense of joy but also a sense of loss and remembrance. I always try to nod to that in my photos.

A newborn baby in the froggy pose on top of a rainbow knit blanket. She is wearing a rainbow-colored headband.

But being a rainbow baby isn’t all about the babies who came before you. I wanted to make sure some of these emphasized baby Daniela, because she’s really the star of the show. In the one above, I placed her on a rainbow blanket in the froggy pose. I love the way this one turned out — she’s so cute!

A baby sleeps on a prop moon-shaped bed covered in burlap. She is wearing a white, tulle dress and there are animated clouds and stars in the background of the photo.

To create some variety, I added in one photo in the moon prop bed to bring some whimsy to the session. I am so pleased with the way this one came out. She’s so snuggly and adorable — a dream come true for Sara and Dustin.

A smiling newborn baby is swaddled in a mauve cloth and propped up by a blanket in a decorative bucket.

I want to than Sara, Dustin, and Daniela for gracing my studio with such joy and resilience.

Would you like to make your rainbow baby session special? Let’s talk about ways to do that.

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