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Newborn Boy Photo Shoot | Baby Tiolu

Bright eyes. Sleepy smiles. Curly fingers and toes. Those are some of the things we hope for in newborn photo sessions. And when it comes down to it, this newborn boy photo shoot did not disappoint! Baby Tiolu provided some irresistibly adorable shots during his newborn session. Tiolu did not come alone to his session, either. Accompanied by his mom, Taara, and his dad, Michael, the whole family came in to the Cedar Park studio to celebrate their growing family.

Take a peek at this little one’s big day!

Meet The Family!

Taara, Michael, and Tiolu came to the studio with a general idea for the type of session they would want. We expanded on their ideas to make it a simple (but adorable), family-oriented session that focused on their little cutie!

Photo montage of a young man and woman couple holding a newborn baby boy between them.

Taara and Michael were a wonderful couple to work with. They were so excited about the session, and so full of love for one another and their newborn son! Both were eager to take posing direction as we took their portraits, wanting to preserve this memory for their collective futures. They are beautiful people, inside and out. Tiolu is so lucky!

Photo montage of a newborn baby boy being held by his father. The father is smiling in two photos, and kissing his son in two photos.

Like I often do, I took photos with the couple together and separately. We started out with parent photos, because often baby needs a little help to get to sleep when they first get into the studio. In these photos with Michael, you can see Tiolu slowly starting to nod off. With how sweet Tiolu’s dad is with him, I can imagine why! It’s so lovely to watch that connection between parents and their babies happening in real time.

Photo montage of a woman holding her newborn son. She is smiling and cradling him in several photos, and in other photos she is kissing him.

When Tiolu got to take photos with his mom, that’s when the snoozing happened! Taara’s photos with Tiolu are so beautiful. Her smile was radiant, and she looked like such a proud mama in her photos. We did several different types of portraits, including the popular “birds-eye view” shot.

A Classic Newborn Boy Photo Shoot

Eventually, as you can see, Mr. Tiolu slept for the rest of his photoshoot. Don’t get me wrong — Tioulu was so sweet the whole time, even while awake, but once we got him asleep, he was a gem. We did manage to get a few really cute photos of Tiolu with his eyes open. He had these bright, dark eyes that were so beautiful. We made sure to do some close-up shots of this little guy when his eyes were open!

Newborn baby boy photo montage featuring six photos of a baby boy in a basket, on a prop bed, and in a prop bowl.

While I loved doing this newborn baby photo shoot with Taara and Michael, I also am such a huge fan of doing solo baby shots — because I get to use my tiny little newborn props! The little beds are some of my favorites. Tiolu had his little tongue out the whole time, which was adorable. I love the photo of him in the bottom right corner of the montage above, with his little tongue sticking out and his cute smile.

Not all cute newborn photos involve props. Some of my favorites of Tiolu are these simple ones below, where we have him posed on a beige background. Of course, I had to get a few shots of him with the little prop teddy bear.

Photo montage of a newborn baby on a cream background. In the bottom left photo, the baby is cradling a little white bear.

Taking and going through all these photos was a delight, and I am so happy for Taara and Michael for the addition of their newest little family member. Sending out a big thanks to them for stopping by the studio!

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