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Austin Maternity Photo Session

Get ready for a scene-stealing set of photos. This Austin Maternity photo session is so dreamy! It has everything you might expect from an Austin maternity photo session in the studio, plus more! I wanted to make sure this mama, who is pregnant with twins, felt absolutely gorgeous in every photo.  So, she got to pick from a range of maternity gowns, and we did a lot of light work during her photo session.

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Photo of a pregnant woman in the maternity studio. Woman is lying on her back on a blue backdrop, wearing a ruffled, dusty blue maternity gown.

Kylee’s Austin Maternity Photo Session

Meet Kylee (and her partner, Spencer). All pregnancies look different, and it might surprise readers that Kylee was pregnant with twins during this photo session! But twins were definitely in the picture, and Kylee and Spencer were so excited to share the news in this maternity photo session. We wanted to make sure she got into the studio before the last few weeks of pregnancy, when it can be hard to get around and stay comfortable even when you’re pregnant with just one.

Austin studio maternity photo montage of a man and pregnant woman. Woman is in a dusty blue, ruffled tulle maternity gown and man is in a white button-up and jeans.

Kylee carried herself with grace and confidence in every single photo, both her solo portraits and the ones Spencer posed for. For his day in the studio, Spencer went with a clean, crisp button-up and dark trouser to complement Kylee’s wardrobe picks. It went particularly well with this dusty blue ruffle maternity gown, which we shot on a darker blue background.

Collage of two photos: top photo is in color, bottom in black and white. Contains a woman in a black gown with pregnant belly exposed -- she is holding her belly.

Meanwhile, Kylee also wore one of the newer additions to my maternity client closet. I call this black gown my “It’s Ok To Be Extra” maternity dress, and it is quickly becoming the most popular dress available to my clients.

Photo montage of a woman and man containing black and white and color photos. Woman is in a long, black maternity gown and holding her baby bump.

We were able to style this gown in so many different ways. That’s one of the most amazing things about maternity gown versatility. Depending on how we want the session to look and feel, we can change out one wardrobe or set element and create a whole new portrait!

Heavenly Lighting, Soft Portraiture

Austin maternity photo montage of a woman with dark hair in a cream-colored tulle dress

Kylee was kind enough to model some of my newer dresses for her maternity session, and one of them was this cream-colored, sheer gown. It matched her rosy cheeks and complemented her beautiful eyes so well, giving her a wistful sort of look to match her naturally elegant features. Making clients feel on top of the world during their sessions is one of my main goals. Whether that means emphasizing their beauty, elegance, power (or all of the above), I let clients have agency over how they want to be “seen” in their photos.

To further complement this sheer dress and give this series of photos a sort of ethereal feeling, I worked a lot with lighting. We used a plain background and let the tulle of the dress be the textural focal point for the pictures. I also shot photos in both black and white and color. This is another way that little elements can make a huge difference during photo shoots.

Two photos, one in color and one in black and white, of a pregnant woman with dark hair in a black maternity gown with puffy tulle sleeves

Kylee’s photos are a testament to how beautiful and tender motherhood can be.

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