Newborn Photos: A Pandemic Blessing

April 29, 2021

You may remember Sarah and Ryan from their maternity surprise post back in December 2020.  This adorable couple had gotten pregnant at the beginning of the pandemic and were able to keep it a complete surprise for most of 2020. Then, in December, they gave their family the greatest gift of them all — a surprise birth announcement! I was lucky enough to get stunning maternity photos in Austin’s scenic downtown while all the Christmas lights were up. A few months later, the couple had their chance to take newborn photos of their baby.

Everyone, welcome Reid!

baby sleeping in a white heart bowl

Sarah & Ryan’s Maternity Story

Baby Reid was truly a COVID blessing. The couple had been trying to conceive for years. Like many couples, it didn’t happen on the first try. It can be very frustrating to go through fertility issues, and I can only imagine how hard it must have been for people struggling with infertility over the past year.

black and white newborn family photos

But Sarah and Ryan’s prayers were answered right at the beginning of the pandemic. Luckily for them, they were able to plan their newborn photos during the spring, just as vaccines are rolling out and things are opening back up. Getting to work with Sarah, Ryan, and their newest family member was lovely! They’re such a sweet couple.

Baby Reid

What to say about this little one?

Other than pooping more than any baby I’ve ever done newborn photos for, he was such an amazing baby. Poor Sarah, Ryan, and little Reid had to reschedule for the day after because of the frequent diaper changes. He was a poop machine!

collage of naked newborn posed photos in black and white

But the first day aside, Reid was such a sweetie. He was quiet, cute, and sleepy (and super photogenic, as you can see!)

collage of naked newborn posed photos

Special Props In Reid’s Newborn Photos

I love newborn photography. It’s hard not to love little, soft, squishy newborns, but I also love everything about doing newborn photo sessions. You get to learn about your clients. You have to get creative to make the perfect little scene to fit their personality. And, of course, you have to stock your photography studio with sweet little props.

Baby Reid’s Newborn photos were super special because Sarah and Ryan brought unique props from home.

newborn baby sleeping on a bible

First, I couldn’t not use this beautiful Bible to show off little Reid.

Samuel:1 in this particular version gave me the perfect shot. Sarah gave Ryan a bible when they were first married, and it’s been a treasured part of their relationship ever since. Another big and important part of their marriage — their wedding band — came into play, as well (you can see it in the pictures above). Ryan gave Sarah a new wedding band as a “push present” for when Reid was born.

baby sleeping in a white heart bowl

Another favorite of mine? These photos. I loved the way little Reid snuggled up in this heart bowl with this miniature teddy. The blanket beneath him in the first few shots was lovingly made for his arrival.

baby wrapped in blue in a basket

Of course, no baby photo album is complete without a little snuggly element. The blanket was perfect, and these fuzzy pig and bunny pair sealed the deal. Reid looks almost like a baby doll nestled in next to these stuffed animals gifted to him by his aunt and uncle.

Newborn Photos — Studio Props

I also have my own slew of newborn photo props in the studio which make for absolutely delightful baby photos. Sarah and Ryan particularly loved this tiny prop bed, complete with a doll-like pillow. Look at Reid all tucked in like he’s down for a restful night’s sleep!

This wasn’t too big of a stretch — Reid slept peacefully throughout most of this photoshoot. He was wonderful to work with.

newborn baby sleeping in a tiny brown bed

Sarah and Ryan’s fertility story, baby Reid’s comical day-one blowouts, and his angelic little face on days one and two made this one of the sweetest and most rewarding set of photoshoots I’ve done. I love doing maternity photos for mothers who have struggled to conceive. It’s even more rewarding to document the “fruits of their labor”.

photo of dad with new baby

Baby Reid, you’re so loved!


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