My Top 4 Favorite Family Photo locations in Austin, Texas

Today I’m sharing my top 4 favorite Austin family photo locations in the Austin, Texas area.  I’m even going to tell you the good and the bad about each location.

Brushy Creek Sports Park

First up on my list of favorite Austin family photo locations is Brushy Creek Sports Park. I really love this spot and I’ve been shooting here for YEARS. There are so many great spots with beautiful light and it is incredibly close to where I live.

Brushy Creek Sports Park Family Session


  • It’s easily accessible.  Most of the spots I use within the park are a quick walk from the parking area
  • You can get a good variety of backgrounds and only walk for a couple of minutes
  • It’s a great location for both morning and evening sessions


  • It’s a popular spot for a lot of different things- photography, running, disc golf, and other outdoor activities.  If you’re looking for a private location- this ain’t it!
  • It’s hit or miss but the parking area can be really crowded during soccer and football seasons

The Domain Northside

Next on my list,  Domain at Rock Rose Ave, Austin, Texas. I’ve been shooting here for a couple of years and love the different colors and textures that this area offers.

Domain Family Session


  • It’s great for later morning sessions, when you don’t want to get up before the sun.  There’s plenty of spots that hide the bright morning sun so it’s easy to get away with a later start time.
  • There are some great colors and textures within a short distance and I am obsessed with the twinkle lights on some of those outdoor patios.  It looks so pretty in your photos!
  • You can pretty much park your car, get out, and do your session right next to your car.


  • If you want an evening session- THIS IS NOT THE SPOT FOR YOU.

Balcones Canyonlands

My third favorite spot is actually a new location for me this year but it is so darn pretty I just had to include it. It’s Doeskin Ranch which is part of Balcones Canyonlands.  If you want wide open spaces and pretty light- this will be your jam.

Doeskin Ranch Family Session


  • This is a great spot for either a morning or evening session.
  • I found a sweet hill for some (evening only) silhouette shots
  • If you like that wild, wide-open space vibe- this is the spot for you!
  • I love incorporating water into my shoots if I can and this place has a great creek that’s not too far from the parking area.


  • It’s outside of Austin in Bertram. I 100% think it’s worth the drive though.
  • No dogs allowed.  If you want to bring your dogs- this isn’t the spot for you.

The University of Texas Campus

Number four is always going to be on the list, it’s my alma mater- The UT Campus! I love the architecture and if you just go wandering around you can literally find so many nooks and crannies!

UT Campus Family Session


  • It’s the University of Texas. That should be enough! hahaha, I’m kidding… kinda.
  • Lots of great architecture
  • Great for both sunrise or sunset sessions
  • This location is GREAT for winter sessions when the leaves have fallen off the trees.


  • The parking is limited.  BUT… I will tell you exactly where to park and it’s super convenient to where I like to shoot.
  • It can get crowded in the spring as this is a super popular spot for UT grad sessions.  Hook ‘Em!

Don’t wait to schedule your fall family photo session!

Yes, I know it’s only July but it is time to start thinking about scheduling your fall family photo session.  I just looked at my calendar and I only have TEN spots remaining this year for weekend sessions. I expect those to go quickly so if you’re wanting to get on my calendar, please reach out to me soon!

Austin Family Photoshoots by Hello Photography


Hi! I’m Jen Rizy, an Austin area photographer who has been capturing family sessions for more than FIVE YEARS! Please feel free to email me at: to check my availability and schedule your session. Or you can fill out my contact form HERE. I look forward to meeting you!

Jen Rizy, owner of Hello Photography

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Jen Rizy is an Austin maternity and newborn photographer with a studio located in Cedar Park. Let's capture the tiny details of your life's biggest moments!

Jen Rizy is an Austin maternity and newborn photographer with a studio located in Cedar Park. Let's capture the tiny details of your life's biggest moments!


Capturing the tiniest details of your life's biggest moments