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mom and dad kissing while holding their new baby

Baby Photoshoot Package | Meet Wyatt

Not too long ago I talked about Rebecca & Josh in my blog about Rebecca’s maternity session. They were the fun-loving couple who spent a few months together on the Appalachian Trail. I loved getting to chat with them about their past adventures and their newest one that was just about to start — parenthood! They scheduled a baby photoshoot package just a few weeks after his due date.

baby sleeping in different bowls and buckets

I was so ready to meet little Wyatt in my studio, and his newborn session did not disappoint! It was full of all the delightful moments that make newborn photography so worthwhile and rewarding.

naked newborn sleeping on a green blanket

A Camo Baby Photoshoot Package

Like many parents, Rebecca and Josh had a plan for little Wyatt’s newborn photos.

They steered away from baby boy blues to opt for something a little more outdoorsy — camo! We didn’t go overboard with the camo, incorporating a lot of grays, whites, creams, and greens for a natural-looking palette. After all, with Rebecca and Josh as his parents, he’ll be spending a lot of time outside.

froggy pose on a camo blanket

It seems like Wyatt is pretty cool with that.

He was quiet and sleepy during parts of this baby photo session. I like to think he was dreaming about going out camping with mom and dad, listening to the crickets and morning thrushes and wrens singing him awake in the Texas dawn.

newborn baby laying on a green blanket in a gray hat and gray pants

Of course, the little sir wasn’t asleep the whole newborn session. I managed to get quite a few shots of him with his beautiful eyes open. 

Happy Accidents

As you may know, I love catching happy accidents during newborn photos. They might seem like disasters at the time, but they often become beloved photo favorites when it comes time to send the family their photo session.

mom and dad kissing while holding their new baby during photoshoot package

Rebecca and Josh are so close that I also wanted to make sure we included some baby photos with them! Wyatt was pretty happy about that, for the most part. Here he is snuggled up with his mom:

mom holding her new baby boy during a photoshoot package

His parents dressed in creams and green colors to fit in with the theme and match the camo in some of Wyatt’s shots. You’ll notice in some of these newborn pics with mom and Dad, Wyatt is wrapped up in blue. He looked very striking in it, but there was another reason we kept him wrapped up during shots with his mom and dad.

dad holding his new baby

As it turns out — baby Wyatt was not a massive fan of unwrapped photos with dad. He ended up letting his dad know about it by having an accident in his hand.

If I had cropped out the hand in the picture below, it would have looked as though Josh was staring at his son lovingly and comforting him while he had a moment. But Josh’s hand gives away this photo’s messy secret!

dad holding his new baby that just pooped on him during photoshoot package

From these pictures, you wouldn’t be able to tell that this was not the only time that Wyatt left Josh a present in his hand. What troupers they all were for sticking through the photo session!

dad holding his new baby

But if you’re the parent of a newborn, you can expect to be pooped on at least once before they learn how to use the potty. (You might even miss the days they were tiny enough to poop on you without knowing!)

A Future Outdoorsman

There’s no “if” about it.

Wyatt is going to be an outdoorsman with Rebecca and Josh as his parents. They love traveling, hiking, and getting outside, and I’m sure that Wyatt will be able to experience all the foundational moments that shape a childhood spent outside. 

sleeping newborn on a green blanket

Because of that, I was 100% on board with Rebecca and Josh’s color palette suggestion for baby Wyatt.

However, I also wanted to include my moon prop for a taste of the outdoors to complement their requests. I like to believe that in this shot, baby Wyatt is dreaming about what putting his bare feet on a mossy rock will feel like or how nice it will be to wake up on a crisp late-October morning and breathe in the morning air.

baby sleeping on a moon prop surrounded by clouds and stars.

It will be wonderful to see where their next adventure outside takes all three of them. Until then, they’ll get to start in on the new adventures that come with parenthood — from the messy moments to the breathtaking ones. All those moments will be priceless.

sleeping baby at a photoshoot package


Thanks again so much to Rebecca & Josh for choosing me for their baby photoshoot package and their maternity package. It was a pleasure to work with you!

My schedule has been hectic as of late. What does that mean for you? I’ll have less time available for last-minute maternity and newborn photos. If you’ve got a little one on the way in the next few months — especially around the holidays — now is the time to book


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