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Newborn Photography | 5 Interesting Facts About Newborns

Babies delight and surprise us every day. If they didn’t, newborn photography wouldn’t be a thing, and I would be out of a job.  Here are five of the most delightfully weird and wonderful facts I know about babies.

Newborns Get Acne. Newborn Photography Can Help. 

When you look at newborn photos, you don’t usually see a baby riddled with acne. We associate acne with teenagers, not with our littlest family members. It’s very common for newborns to get neonatal acne. It typically crops up as a red, rash-like pattern across the cheeks and nose. However, it might also turn into pustules, just like the acne you had as a teen.

There’s good news on all accounts. First, neonatal acne typically doesn’t stick around for too long, and it usually clears up on its own. It’s thought to be caused by hormones and natural occurrences like regular spitting-up. However, it might also be due to detergent use. Don’t worry if you find your baby has a bout of neonatal acne right before their newborn photography session. Newborn photographers are used to photoshopping baby acne out of their pictures if desired.

But trust me — newborn acne doesn’t diminish their cuteness. 

sleeping naked baby on a purple blanket with her bum up

Some Babies Are Born With Crossed Eyes (Newborn Photography Can Also Help With This)

Your baby’s eyes take quite a while to develop. Newborns are susceptible to light (after all, they spend nine months developing in total darkness), so they don’t see very well at all. This can lead to crossed eyes. 

Most babies grow out of their crossed eyes, but if they still have them by the time their Austin newborn photography session comes around, don’t worry.

Most newborn photo sessions are done with the baby’s eyes closed, mainly because newborns are sensitive to light. However, if your baby does take a photo with crossed eyes, that is something a skilled newborn photographer can manipulate in photoshop if desired.

Your Baby’s Skull Is Very Different From Your Own.

Most new parents are aware that their newborn will have a soft spot on its head. That’s because newborn skulls are not fully formed — they are malleable so that they can pass through the birth canal seamlessly (both for mom and baby!). Newborn skulls are separated into six distinct plates, which merge as they get older.

Babies’ heads continue forming for several months after birth, so, they might have a unique shape directly after birth. This isn’t cause for alarm, and it’s something that naturally corrects itself as the baby gets older. 

Moms Are Biologically Addicted To Their Baby’s Smell.

Humans are really neat because many of our quirks are biological adaptations that have helped our species survive. Addicting baby smell is one such biological adaptation!

Scientists have discovered that humans (specifically those who have given birth) are hard-wired to enjoy the smell of newborn babies. Getting a good whiff of junior releases endorphins, similar to the kind you get after you eat a perfect piece of chocolate, go for a run, or receive a kiss from someone you love. It’s an endearing trait that has enabled mothers to keep their babies close, nurture, and protect them from danger.

happy baby sitting in a wooden bowl

Babies Have Cool Aquatic Reflexes

You might want to take little bub with you to get acclimated to the water or for a cute, pool-themed baby photo session. Here’s why.

Babies have natural aquatic reflexes: The dive reflex and the bradycardic response. These reflexes do not mean your newborn will be able to swim automatically (you should ALWAYS supervise babies and children in the pool); they are intriguing reflexes that can make pool time fun even when young.

The dive reflex happens when you place your baby belly down in the water. They will instinctively start moving their arms and legs in swimming motions. The bradycardic response is when a newborn younger than six months is submerged in water and instinctively holds their breath and reduces their heart rate. Most young infants have this response, though not all. So, while this is one of the more exciting things babies do, parents should not assume that their newborn is an aquatic genius. Introduce them to the water safely!


Newborns are all unique. It’s their individuality (and, of course, their irresistibly adorable faces) that keeps me in the newborn photography business. 

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