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baby girl sleeping on a moon prop surrounded by stars

Newborn Photos | Baby Vesper

Newborn photos are fun to shoot when the family is ready and willing to work with creative direction. This family, and their little one, are one of the reasons I love being an Austin newborn photographer.

Newborn Photos With The Whole Family

Meet Vesper, Tully, and Courtney. From baby to parents, this family was so fun to work with. Moms are usually super enthusiastic about the newborn photoshoot, and Courtney was no exception. However, it was a breath of fresh air to have Tully there. He was willing and eager to follow along with creative direction, and he loved many of the props. 

collage of parents holding their new baby in black/white photos

As a result, this family’s portraits came out wonderfully. Everyone looks natural, exhilarated, and totally in love with one another.

smiling first time parents holding their newborn baby wrapped in a red blanket

I love shooting newborn photos with the whole family. Getting shots done with just the newborn is special, but family newborn photos are a wonderful time to bond with your newborn outside of the house.

smiling first time mom holding her newborn baby wrapped in a red blanket

Studies show that spending time with your kids has a number of positive impacts on them, even as newborns. Some benefits include: better mental health, a lower likelihood of risky behaviors as a teenager, and improved physical health.

black and white photos of new parents holding their sleeping baby girl

If a picture is worth a thousand words, these pictures show that baby Vesper is probably going to have a great childhood reaping the benefits of loving parents and role models.

Purple & Gold Newborn Photos

One request that Courtney and Tully had for Vesper’s photoshoot was using purples and metallic colors. I just so happened to have a range of glittery gold and different shades of purple to fulfill this request.

baby girl sleeping on a purple blanket wearing a purple floral romper

Vesper’s purple onesie was absolutely gorgeous. I had a deep, lightly textured purple backdrop that matched some of the darker purples in the florals. The pink undertones in little Vesper’s cheeks and toes really made everything about the purple-themed portions of the photoshoot stunning.

baby girl sleeping on a purple blanket wearing a purple floral romper

I also really liked this theme because it wasn’t overtly “girlie”. There’s nothing wrong with a pink, frilly, over-the-top newborn photoshoot, but sometimes less is more! This onesie was delicate and beautiful without being over-the-top.

baby girl sleeping in a gold bowl wearing a purple floral romper

Plus, it went so well with gold.

Slumber-Themed Photos

The name “Vesper” comes from the Latin word for ‘evening’ or ‘evening star’.

baby girl sleeping on a moon prop surrounded by stars

So, the fact that Vesper’s mom and dad wanted to use purples and metallic fabrics during her photoshoot fit so well. We were able to get sleepy Vesper looking just as cute as can be in an evening and sleep-themed newborn photoshoot.

collage of black and white images of baby girl sleeping on a moon prop surrounded by stars

In these black and white photos, I worked with lighting to try and get an evening-sort of feel. The shadows gave the feel of dusk, despite this photoshoot happening during the daytime. Shooting in black and white as well as color gave the photos two different moods. You can tell the difference between the black and white newborn photo above on the left and the color version below.

sleeping baby in a brown bucket with stars in the background

Newborn Photos With ‘The’ Bear

The tiny bear prop is a newborn studio photography favorite. My clients love to use this prop, but Tully was the tiny teddy’s #1 fan. Because of this, we made sure to include it in quite a few of Vesper’s newborn photos.

sleeping baby wrapped in a bucket holding a white bear


The tiny teddy is a perfect prop for many reasons. It’s a neutral color, so it goes with just about any color palette. It looks like a normally-sized child’s teddy, which makes any picture cuter. Plus, I couldn’t not include it in at least one photo including her teddy onesie.

Vesper was a beautiful little baby. Her dark hair, beautiful sleepy eyes, and cute little toes made this session so fun to shoot.

collage of a sleeping baby during her newborn photoshoot

Finally, a big shout out to Courtney & Tully, who were enthusiastic supporters of Vesper (and each other) throughout the newborn session. Congrats on the newest member of your family!


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