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Newborn Photographers | Baby Alyssa’s Photos

There are so many perks to professionally photographing moms and babies. Like many newborn photographers, I love getting to see babies after their nine months are up. That doesn’t always happen — sometimes, I photograph just moms during their maternity sessions, and that’s it. But that wasn’t the case with Baby Alyssa!

Here are some highlights from her reel.

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Baby Alyssa is one of the many babies from families I got to photograph from bump to baby! You might remember her parents from her mom’s boudoir maternity session. Angelica and Marco are such a beautiful (and doting) couple. It was a delight to have them back in the studio.

family photos with new baby

If you didn’t remember — Angelica is a bodybuilding champ originally from Brazil. She now lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband, Marco, and now Miss Alyssa! I loved photographing Angelica and telling her backstory during her maternity session. We did quite a few of Alyssa’s pictures with mom and dad, which was an excellent continuation of her story!

mom laying with new baby on brown rug

Angelica will always be a tough-as-nails bodybuilder. But in these photos, motherhood is looking pretty good on her! It’s beautiful to see her flourishing alongside her little girl.

dad black tshirt baby wrapped in white

And Marco doesn’t look too unhappy in his new role as a dad, either! I love this shot of Alyssa in her dad’s arms. She looks so little, and he looks so in love.

Alyssa Is Pretty In Pink!

All newborn photo sessions are unique — Alyssa’s included! However, we managed to include quite a few classic baby girl photo props and themes in her session. One way to make a typical pink-themed newborn session stand out is to add a little extra to a photo. We included the cute little teddy bear in the upper left-hand photo in the montage below. As if Alyssa weren’t cute enough! We also added the tiny newborn photo bed into a few of these shots. She was a great sleeper, so it made sense.

newborn baby photos with newborn photographers props

Angelica also picked out an adorable lavender flower headband for some of Miss Alyssa’s photos, which we paired with a textured lavender background. Alyssa did the heavy lifting in these photos — although the scenery was pretty simple, her beautiful smile shone through in one of these photos!

Treasured Moments In Black & White

You might have noticed that we did a lot of Alyssa’s solo photos in color and many of the family photos in black and white. It might be less popular, but I love black and white newborn photos, mainly when they include the family.

sleeping baby held by mom and dad hands

I saved this one for last because I think it emphasizes the beauty of a black and white newborn photo.

Black and white tends to draw the eye to lines, curves, and shadows in photography. It also gives the photo a more formal feel. In this photo above, with just the bare skin of mom, dad, and baby, really emphasizes familial connection. I like to think that this photo is a wonderful reminder of the support parents provide in a baby’s upbringing — and how it all ultimately equates to unconditional love.


Does a black and white newborn photo session sound right for you? Let’s chat about it!

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