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Keeping Baby Warm During the Winter | www.hellophotographyaustin.com

January 11, 2021

It can be hard enough to get a fussy baby to sleep when the weather is comfortable. However, when it’s cold in the house, it can be a nightmare trying to get (and keep) your baby asleep. Because young babies shouldn’t sleep with blankets — and more importantly, because they can’t talk — parents might scratch their heads thinking about how to keep their baby warm during the winter months.


We’ve still got a couple of months left of cold weather. But don’t worry! There are plenty of tips and tricks new and seasoned parents can use to keep their babies toasty until warmer days are here.

sleeping newborn girl baby

Learn How To Tell When Baby Is Too Cold When Sleeping


Understanding when your baby is cold is the first step toward keeping them happy.


Somewhere between 68 and 72 is the optimal year-round temperature for sleeping babies. Not everyone’s homes are 100% weatherproof, however. If the baby’s room is colder than 68 degrees, dress your baby in a little extra clothing — for instance, a long-sleeved onesie topped with a sleep sack for babies.


If you think your baby might be cold, you can also check their temperature by lightly touching your hand to their neck. If it is cold to the touch, it might be time to add an extra layer.

sleeping newborn baby with his head on his hands

Rethink How To Swaddle A Baby


Swaddling is a great way to keep younger babies safe and warm. If your new baby is waking up at night and you’ve ruled out other reasons for the waking, look up different swaddling techniques! There is more than just one way to swaddle a baby, and it could be that your baby has outgrown your go-to swaddle.


For safety, be sure to stop sleep swaddling at two months of age. Babies begin to roll over around the age of four months, so experts recommend getting them used to sleeping without a swaddle around this age and preventing any potential danger from early rollers.

wrapped baby in pink

Put Those Baby Blankets To Good Use


Baby blankets are perfect for babies and toddlers one year and older, and if you’re anything like most parents, you likely have an endless supply of baby blankets gifted from relatives and friends. 


If you have a baby blanket you’re dying to use while your baby is small, they can be used for supervised cuddles together or supervised naps. Ensure small toddlers use small blankets — larger blankets can be dangerous. 


Experts suggest avoiding baby blankets if your baby is younger than one year old. Instead, you may opt to use baby sleeping bags, swaddles, mittens, and sleepsuits. 

sleeping baby boy on his belly

Layer Baby’s Indoor Clothing


If you had a mom that loved to send you out with layers, congrats! You’re going to turn into that type of mom, too. Moms love the art of layering.


Layering is an excellent way to keep your baby warm and comfortable. It allows you to make quick wardrobe changes for comfort, and it also ensures that your baby is safe and warm while they sleep. Typically, babies like to be warm and cozy, but you can overdo it. Most parenting experts recommend dressing your baby in one more layer than you would wear comfortably. 


Invest In Quality Baby Winter Clothes


Getting baby clothes that insulate well, hold up to wear and tear, and can last a few spit-ups and blowout situations are an investment. While it might seem like a waste to put that kind of money into clothing that will only be used one season, it can make a massive difference in the way your baby sleeps.


And if there’s one thing parents know — a happy, well-rested baby means happy, well-rested parents.


Make Baby’s Sleeping Area Warm Before Putting Them To Bed


Who doesn’t like a cozy bed to creep into on a chilly night? Babies also like the comforting feeling of falling into sheets that feel like they just came out of the dryer. Without blankets, parents can accomplish this by warming the bed beforehand using a hot water bottle or an electric blanket. Put these things down on top of the fitted crib sheet for approximately half an hour before bedtime. Just be sure to remove these things before putting your baby down for sleep, to prevent burns or other hazards.

wrapped newborn in a bucket prop

On the plus side — winter clothing, baby blankets, and swaddles all make for excellent photo opportunities! If your baby has a January or February first birthday milestone, I’m more than happy to talk to you about ways to capture the moment.

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